best gym in south shields

What Is The Best Gym In South Shields?

“What is the best gym in South Shields?”

This is a question I’m asked almost daily. After all, I’ve been a personal trainer in this area for fifteen years.

Truth be told, there is only ever one answer:

Powerhouse Gym South Shields.

It’s the gym I run all of my personal training sessions from, and I recently started shooting my YouTube content directly from this gym, too.

Here’s a tour from my YouTube page:

Why Powerhouse Gym?

Why did I choose this gym over the many others in the area?

As you can probably guess, it’s not called “The Home Of Champions” for nothing.

I’ve actually used this place as a customer for years!

Even when I was working in other gyms, and shooting my website content elsewhere, I would always do my own training at Powerhouse Gym.

It’s head and shoulders above the competition, so the second I got the opportunity to start running my PT business here I took it. And the moment the chance arose to also switch my YouTube filming to this gym, I made that move quickly.

best gym in south shields

With over one hundred pieces of super durable, highly effective training equipment, it’s very easy to see why serious athletes and newbies alike choose Powerhouse Gym.

If you’re looking to train at the best gym in South Shields, bring yourself along to Powerhouse. Like their Facebook page here.

Say “Hi!” when you see me!

Yours in training,

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