instant knock out fat burner review

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review – A Straight KO?

In it’s pretty fist-shaped tub, Instant Knockout has been gathering a speedy following on social media. But is it any good? After all, most fat burning supplements offer little more than hype… So today we’ll find out, in my official Instant Knockout Fat Burner review! I’ll be putting this product up against my constantly harsh […]

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CT Fletcher Sidewalk Kraka Review

If CT Fletcher designed a pre workout, you’d expect it to blow your head off with as much subtlety as an angry oompa-loompa with a sawn-off shotgun. Well, now he has. Rejoice! But does the appropriately named Sidewalk Kraka deliver? Today, it becomes the latest product to go through my deliberately harsh supplement rating system. […]

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Love Life Supplements Refuel review

Love Life Supplements Refuel Review

They say great things come in small packages… The classic Mini, for instance. Or pint-sized action hero Tom Cruise. And now you can add another item to the list – Love Life Supplements Refuel. This expertly designed post workout recovery shake hit the supplement market in 2018 and represents the latest in a string of […]

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AML Pre Workout review

AML Pre Workout Review – The New King Of Pre Workouts?

Today I’m going to introduce you to the best pre workout supplement of the year – AML Pre Workout. I know.. The name doesn’t sound too impressive, right? Couldn’t they have called it Nuclear Pump? Or perhaps Squat Mountain? Hang on… I’ve got it.. Maybe AML stands for Atomic Muscle Landslide..? Oh, it stands for Advanced Molecular Labs. Well, […]

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The Good Guru Slim And Tone Original Review

There are certain fitness buzzwords I can’t stand to hear. Superfood is one of them. Even the idea that one single food can fix your whole diet is absurd. Functional is another. Not because functional strength is bad, but because it’s overused to the point where it’s meaningless. Functional. Functional. Functional. There, now it sounds […]

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MaxxMuscle Atomic Bomb Review

Pre workout supplements are often hyped the same way as action movies. Explosions, Bold statements. Massive biceps. In today’s MaxxMuscle Atomic Bomb review, I’ll see whether this is more Terminator 2 or Titanic 2. (Yes, that actually exists!) Atomic Bomb is the new pre workout from professional bodybuilder Anth Bailes, a.k.a. “The Freak”. It is the latest addition to his MaxxMuscle “All […]

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Nip + Man review

Nip + Man Product Range Review

Wonder if you could enhance your workout with the latest lotions and creams from Nip + Man? Today you’ll find out as I review their range aimed at men who train hard but want to look good outside the gym, too. My reviews are notoriously honest, so before I go any further with this let […]

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Lucozade better than water

Lucozade Is Better Than Water (At Making You Fat)

When trying to lose weight, people often turn to sports drinks like Lucozade to help power through a hard workout at the gym. It’s easy to see why. Television adverts show top athletes pounding the treadmill, wiping their brow and nodding convincingly at their luminous bottle of Superhero-ade, as if to confirm that their legs […]

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creatine hcl

Creatine HCL – The New King Of Creatine?

In the last 12 months, a record number of new supplements have arrived on the fitness scene. Most of them are about as useful as a c**k flavoured lollipop. But among the so-called testosterone boosters, and whey protein formulas that claim to be for toning, there there was a diamond in the rough. A supplement which […]

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4 Gauge pre workout review

4 Gauge Pre Workout Review

In it’s red shotgun shell casing, 4 Gauge truly looks like the ultimate pre workout. And it knows exactly who it’s target market is. With slogans like “Load Up Your Guns!” plastered on the tub, it conjures up images of workouts no less intense than Rambo defeating the entire Russian army in 1985. Just reading the hype which accompanies the product […]

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weight loss tips that work

10 Weight Loss Tips That F**king Work

Trying to lose weight can be frustrating. Especially when that douche from your work says, “Just eat less and move more!” No s**t, Sherlock. Never thought of that. Some people prefer to reach their dream body through plastic surgery. However, this is not suitable for everyone. If you are training hard and watching what you […]

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Does Omega 3 Fish Oil Cause Prostate Cancer

Does Fish Oil Cause Prostate Cancer?

A story recently ran in the press claiming there is a fish oil prostate cancer link which we should all be scared of. That’s right. According to the latest headlines, using Omega-3 supplements can significantly increase your chances of developing the big C. Given that athletes and bodybuilders (and heck, just about everyone I’ve ever […]

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Pre Jym Review

Pre Jym Review – Is It Really King Of Pre Workouts?

T2. Aliens. Big Momma’s House 2. All represent rare instances of sequels which don’t suck. Ok. Maybe not that last one. But when we’re talking supplements, sequels are usually a poor imitation of the original, thrown together when an ingredient gets flagged up or banned. Which brings us to Pre Jym 2.0, the brand new pre workout […]

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Adapt Nutrition Pre Train V2 Review

Back in 2015, Adapt Nutrition launched the great Pre Train. Now they’re back with Pre Train V2. But is this sequel more Terminator 2 or Jaws 2? You’re about to find out, thanks to my official Adapt Nutrition Pre Train V2 review! This is a piece of content I’ve been looking forward to writing, because the original formula was a […]

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Should You Use BCAAs Before Fasted Cardio?

Should you use BCAAs before fasted cardio? This is a piece of advice regularly cited in bodybuilding magazines and there are thousands of people around the world who do it every day. But they’re wrong. That’s right. Wrong! Now, before you internet rage all over me, allow me the opportunity to explain why I take […]

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how do bcaa supplements have zero calories

How Do BCAA Supplements Have Zero Calories?

BCAA’s, also known as branch chain amino acids are essential to the makeup of your body. Most people use bcaas in order to develop a lean muscle mass. If you look at the nutrition information of most top-selling BCAA supplements you’ll see that they claim to have zero calories. How is this possible? Does this […]

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Adapt Nutrition Pre Train Review

A great pre workout can make you feel unstoppable, helping you power through a great workout on those days when you didn’t feel like going to the gym. A bad pre workout, however, can leave you feeling flatter than a witch’s tit. So whenever you find a pre that truly delivers, it makes sense to cherish it. […]

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How To Make Your Own Pre Workout Suplement

How To Make Your Own Pre Workout Supplement

A great pre workout should resemble Appetite For Destruction. If you’ve ever listened to Guns N’ Roses’ debut album, you’ll know precisely what I mean. All killer. No filler. It was lightning in a bottle. Heck, it still is. Sadly, the pre workout market is filled with below-par supplements that fall well short of the […]

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Citrulline Malate Explained

Citrulline is the most important ingredient in a great preworkout supplement. Yeah, I said it. More useful than caffeine. More effective than creatine. More powerful than beta-alanine. Sadly, it’s an ingredient which is usually just “thrown in” to pre workout formulas, often under-dosed and not truly maximized for performance benefits. But make no mistake about […]

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