best gym in south shields

What Is The Best Gym In South Shields?

“What is the best gym in South Shields?” This is a question I’m asked almost daily. After all, I’ve been a personal trainer in this area for fifteen years. Truth be told, there is only ever one answer: Powerhouse Gym South Shields. It’s the gym I run all of my personal training sessions from, and […]

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Martin Kjellstrom shoulder workout

The Martin Kjellstrom Shoulder Workout

Ever wondered how “The Real Mutant” Martin Kjellstrom trains before a big bodybuilding competition? Wonder no more! For today, I bring you a Martin Kjellstrom workout. I was lucky enough to have Martin stop by the mighty Powerhouse Gym for a session to be featured on my YouTube channel as he was preparing for an appearance at […]

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periodization explained

Periodization Explained – How To Double Your Results In The Gym

There are only three ingredients to a great, results-based workout program. They are: Consistency Effort Structure People often over-complicate it by focusing on individual exercises or fancy techniques, but the bottom line is if you can take care of the three points above, you’re golden in terms of fat loss and muscle building results. Today […]

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overtraining symptoms

Why You’re Not Overtraining

Nowadays, it seems everyone is worried about overtraining. As a gym-goer, there is no greater fear than losing results. So it’s understandable that we s**t ourselves when we’ve been working hard in the gym week after week, brutal leg day after brutal leg day, only for some guy to pop over and say you’re actually […]

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Insanity vs HIIT

Insanity Vs HIIT – Which Is Better For Fat Loss?

Today I’m going to directly compare two popular forms of training – Insanity vs HIIT – and reveal which is better for noticeable, sustainable fat loss results. But first, allow me to show you the reason for today’s article. Check out this email from website member Candice (while you’re at it, become a free member […]

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should you do high reps or low reps

Should You Do High Reps Or Low Reps?

If there’s one question I get more than any other on the gym floor, it’s this: “How many reps should I do?” Whether your goal is to lose fat, or to build lean muscle, the fact is most gym users are a little lost when it comes to how many reps they should be doing […]

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does fasted cardio burn more fat

Does Fasted Cardio Burn More Fat?

For decades, many of us have been waking up at times so early the alarm clock has a question mark on it. And we do it all in the name of fat loss. Because bodybuilding folklore insists that working out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will help you to lose more […]

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Sylvester Stallone Arm Workout

The Sylvester Stallone Arm Workout

Ever fancied training like Rocky? Today I’ll show you how, as we take on The Expendables creator Sylvester Stallone’s biceps-building, triceps-blasting, forearm-shredding workout. Warning: This isn’t going to be a walk in the park. But given that you’re here reading this, I guess you didn’t want a walk in the park anyway, right? This workout […]

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Dolph Lundgren Arm Workout

The Dolph Lundgren Arm Workout

Today’s workout, with none other than Dolph Lundgren, is really going to put you through your paces. In fact, if you thought the Sylvester Stallone arm workout was tough, prepare for a resounding shock to your system as we smash through this action-packed arm workout with the one and only Ivan Drago himself. Ready for […]

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The Rock Leg Workout

The Rock Leg Workout

Today we’re in the gym with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and one thing is clear: if you don’t really train your legs very hard, you’d better call your momma. On the other hand, if you want to carve your legs into lean, powerful objects of destruction, read on… Over the last few years, Dwayne has […]

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kettlebells vs dumbbells

Kettlebells Vs Dumbbells – Which Is Better?

Today’s battle features two giants of the gym. It’s kettlebells vs dumbbells, as I ask the question of which is better for building muscle and strength? But before we get stuck in, I need to tell you something… I’m a big fan of using both within my training plans, as do the majority of my clients. That’s because they […]

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how to get better at push ups

Push Up Hack: How To Get Better At Push Ups

Got that fear of face-planting every time you attempt push ups? Let’s get rid of that. Because today I’m going to show you how to get better at push ups with a little technique I call The Push Up Hack. I’ve used this with hundreds of male & female clients (and thousands who’ve followed my […]

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what is functional fitness

Functional Fitness Sucks (And Here’s Why)

Welcome to the world of functional fitness. A world which poses the question that, if you are not suspended from the ceiling or balancing on an unstable surface, are you even training? Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh there. You see, I don’t have anything against functional fitness when done correctly. It’s a great way to train! But […]

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