how much water should you drink per day

How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

I’m often asked what the best bodybuilding supplement is. My answer my surprise you:


Yes, that free thing which pours out of your kitchen taps, and always finds a way to bounce off cutlery in the sink and f**king soak you.

We live in a world where guys will happily spend half their wage packet on supplements, and you may have been expecting me to recommend the latest “muscle building formula” from a big supplement manufacturer, but instead I’d like to address the fact that so few of us drink enough water to unlock the huge benefits it can provide.

(And they really are huge.)

I’d say fewer than 10% of gym-goers I’ve met over the years drink enough water on a daily basis.

Instead, they opt for fruit juices, sports drinks and fizzy pop.

If that’s you, it’s time to level up.

how much water per day

Action star Adam Baroni packs in some valuable H2O during sprint training for his latest movie role.

How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

When it comes to our body, there is only one drink we actually want.

I know – we all have one friend who says they don’t like water, right?

So instead they have piles of green tea, or fruit-infused tropical flavoured calorie mountains in it’s place.

But the fact is, regardless of taste, water is the only substance which is perfectly tailored to our body’s needs. Being calorie free, it also has the unique ability to work well with any dieting style, including intermittent fasting.

By increasing your water intake (and decreasing your intake of soda and other substitutes), you will see a dramatic improvement to your results in the gym.

I’m not joking.

Better pumps. More energy. Greater training output. If this s**t was a supplement, you’d buy it!

Let’s take a look at how much water our body loses per day:

  • 2 cups via perspiration
  • 2 cups via breathing
  • 6 cups via the intestines and kidneys

That’s 10 cups!

Government guidelines suggest drinking at least 1.6 litres of water per day, which is about eight 200ml glasses.

Most people aren’t getting anywhere near this amount, but stay tuned, becauseĀ the suck is about to get even harder…

Those targets don’t include perspiration lost via exercise, meaning people who go to the gym need even more than this!

how much water should you drink per day

Why Should You Drink More Water?

Water has so many health benefits, it’s unreal.

Temporarily boosting your metabolism, suppressing appetite, healthier skin, more energy, to name just a few.

But if you go to the gym, water is your best friend.

Sly water“Water is the new gold standard. Can’t live without it, can’t train hard without it, can’t look great without it.”

– Sylvester Stallone

Here’s why…

A dehydrated muscle can lose around 20% contraction performance, which is bad news for your workouts.

Popular bodybuilding supplements like creatine also require a sufficient water intake, as it’ll pull water away from the rest of the body in order to force it into your muscle cells.

But here’s another factor which is often overlooked – our muscles are over 75% water!

So a sure-fire way to make your muscles look fuller, harder and well-defined is to drink enough water.

Our body comes with it’s own built-in alarm system to indicate when we need more H2O, of course, but waiting until you feel really thirsty before grabbing a drink is a sign that you were already dehydrated.

It doesn’t make sense to pay good money for supplements to help you push your body to new limits, yet ignore things which are right in front of you and cost nothing.

Stop thinking of it as “boring water” and choosing fizzy pop, or energy drinks so luminous they’re available in car battery flavour, and start thinking of it as “filling your muscles”because that’s exactly what it’s doing.

So start hitting your daily requirements from today, and be sure to let me know about your results in the comments section. Most of my clients aim for 3-4 litres per day.

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