How To Build Muscle… FAST! 5 Simple Tips

If you are trying to build lean muscle and not really getting the results you want, stop right now. Drop everything and read today’s post. We’re going to show you how to build muscle fast. The five tips shown today could literally eliminate your muscle building problems for you and pinpoint common mistakes you may be making without even realizing.

Maybe it’s not even you. Maybe you can just help a friend out here. We all know someone who has been toiling away in the gym and not getting the results their hard efforts deserve, right? I know I do, that’s for sure.

So let’s get to it as always guys, no gimmicks, no jargon, just straight facts. Today we focus on how to pack on head turning, rock solid slabs of lean muscle as quickly as possible. Get ready for the video guide!

In the section below I’ll briefly run through what we covered in today’s lesson to ensure the next time you hit the iron you make the absolute most of yourself, safe in the knowledge that you have the top 5 principles of muscle building firmly in place. Ready to go?

Diet Isn’t Just For Weight Loss

When someone tells me they’re having trouble building size, the most common problem is that they aren’t looking after their diet very well. if you’re trying to lose fat, diet becomes a priority but for some reason when trying to shoot for size and strength gains people don’t take diet as seriously. Diet doesn’t just mean fat loss, diet means what you eat, period.

Use the calculation shown in today’s video to work out your daily target of calories and follow the simple guide so you’ll know exactly how much protein, carbohydrates and fat to shoot for. Hit those targets, you’ll get results.

The (Un)Importance Of Supplements

With all the crazy promises made by supplements it’s easy to just jump straight in and hope your protein shake takes care of your entire diet or your fat loss pill turns you into an autopilot fat burning machine no matter what you do. It doesn’t work like that, of course, and lots of the supplements you see out there clambering for your money are simply unnecessary, particularly if you’re just starting out in the gym. The diet is the benchmark, supplements are just an add-on.

Think of your diet as the foundations of a house. Supplements would be the interior decorating, there are many different options available for it and it will elevate the appearance of the house, but without the foundations they’re nothing.

I’d recommend using a decent protein supplement, which is great after a workout but also a good way to bump up your daily protein intake quickly. Second that with some creatine monohydrate and you’re ready to go on the supplement front.

The best part? Not only are those two supplements the most researched and proven in the history of sports nutrition, but they’re also the most easily accessible and in most cases the cheapest (per serving).

Workout With Purpose

A guy was asking me for some tips last week at my gym and I asked him to explain what he was currently doing in the gym each time he visited. Not only had he been doing almost every single machine in the gym, but he’d been doing it for seven months. There are two rules when it comes to weight training:

Train with purpose and consistently force yourself to progress.

For size and strength it’s beneficial to focus on compound exercises. Think Bench Press, Deadlift, Pull Ups, Squats and Shoulder Presses. Your big lifts are the ones which will get you the biggest results. In terms of how many reps to do, use our 8-10 range.

Start with a weight you can lift 8 times with decent technique. Once you can get 10 reps out (with decent technique) at that weight, it’s time to move up to the next level. Put the weight up slightly and move yourself back to 8 reps. This constant cycle of progress will force you to continually challenge yourself and never plateau.

Nobody ever got to where they wanted to be without moving forward. Your body’s only concern is keeping you alive, it won’t change it’s appearance through choice, if you would like it to change you have to make it.

There is no point going to the gym and doing what you did for the last year. Your body is used to it. If you want your muscles to grow, don’t ask them politely. Force them to grow.

Rest Days Are Results Days

This is the most overlooked of the 5 principles of growth. Mainly because it’s hard staying away from the gym, particularly when you start seeing results. We turn a blind eye and pretend we’re not doing it, but we all do it at some point. If you’re trying to pack on lean muscle, however, you need the rest. Your body grows and repairs when you’re outside the gym, not when you’re lifting. If you aren’t taking any days off to rest your muscles, they ain’t growing  or repairing, it’s that simple. Listen to your body.

Sleep And Grow

This one isn’t so much overlooked, more often than not people simply don’t know about it. When you sleep your body repairs the tissues you tore up in the gym and it also releases growth hormone which enables you to build muscle at an enhanced rate. It’s not always possible to put in a great night’s sleep, of course, but just try to get 8 hours per night when you can and you’ll reap the benefits here.

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If you need any advice on what kind of supplements you should be using for your fitness goal, be sure to check out our recommended supplements list next!



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