iSatori Bio Gro Review (And Results!)

Settle down with a shake, and enjoy today’s iSatori Bio Gro review!

isatori bio gro review

This powerful little tub has remained a firm favourite of my clients in the last few years, and today I’m going to show you why.

Bio Gro first hit the market in 2013, and I began incorporating it into my own training back then so that I could put together a review.

In the few weeks and months that followed, I noticed considerable gains in both size and definition, with website subscribers e-mailing in to ask if I’d “started using anabolic steroids”.

No, I hadn’t.

I’d simply started using Bio Gro, and after implementing it into the routine of a few PT clients, they too noticed a spike in results.

But that steroids comparison does make me laugh.

I’ll explain why below.

iSatori Bio Gro results

Is Bio Gro Steroids?

If you read any iSatori product, it becomes clear that these guys know how to write a sales page.

Heck, one read through the claims on Bio Gro made me want to rush out and buy a bathtub full of the stuff.

They call it “fertilizer for your muscles”, which brings me back to that steroids analogy.

When I first heard iSatori were developing a product they classed as a protein synthesis amplifier, it took me precisely 5 seconds to go, “What, steroids?”

After all, they’re saying they’ll increase your body’s natural ability to build lean muscle.

But it’s safe. It’s legal. And in my experimentation, it works.

isatori bio gro results

During my first run of Bio Gro, I noticed gains of around 1.5 inches on my chest and back in four weeks.

I also had two clients trialing the product at the same time, one noticing a gain of 1/2″ to his biceps and the other gaining a mighty 2″ to her quadriceps.

The strangest part, perhaps, is that I was following one of my HIIT programs. I wasn’t specifically training for size.

My diet is consistently high in protein, of course, which is a perfect fit for a combination of heavy lifting and a product who’s goal is to enhance protein synthesis.

But I wanted to test whether iSatori Bio Gro would continue to show results if I switched my training protocol to a bodybuilding routine designed to build muscle, or if those gains were short-lived and the body would adapt (i.e. like caffeine).

I’m happy to confirm that that didn’t happen – iSatori Bio Gro delivered.

Following the six day training split of my popular Biceps Boom training plan, I was able to get into what I consider to be my best shape of the last two years.

isatori bio-gro review

What Is Bio Gro?

The company describe it as a protein synthesis amplifier.

Or “fertilizer for your muscles”.

Basically, the guys at iSatori set out to create a product which could enhance the body’s ability to build lean muscle.

That’s where the steroids comparison comes from. But it’s also where it ends.

By combining bio-active protein peptides (including IGF-1) they developed a product different to anything else on the supplement market at the time. (1, 2)

It broke new ground, and I’m all for it.

iSatori Bio Gro UK

Companies pump out endless whey protein and creatine formulas, trying to reinvent the wheel when the basic versions of these products do the job perfectly fine, so it’s refreshing to see a supplement manufacturer heading into uncharted territory.

They are fully aware it’s a very experimental product and many of the sales pages ask customers to report their experience back to them, even warning that the formula is not guaranteed to work for everyone.

Makes a change, right?!

iSatori Bio Gro review 2019

But while the ingredients in Bio Gro are all safe and tested, competitive athletes might want to steer clear as it falls into a grey area – the product is built around colostrum. (3)

Colostrum is perfectly safe, and is great for boosting the immune system and muscle growth, but many organizations have banned it (Major League Baseball, for instance) and in mid-2014 USADA followed suit. (4)

As colostrum contains growth factors and boosts natural growth hormone levels, it could be used by athletes to mask growth hormone injections, therefore it’s in the red as far as most governing bodies go.

ct fletcher isatori

A Company Built On Forward-Thinking

As a trainer, there are certain companies I trust.

For instance, if I’m reviewing a supplement by Optimum Nutrition, Grenade, or AML I know I’ll likely end up praising the supplement because these companies have a reputation for putting out quality content.

iSatori is another name which has been on that list for a long time.

In fact, I’ve used some of their products dating back 15+ years!

They’ve got a reputation a a company who like to disrupt the fitness industry with experimental items.

Bio Gro may be their new thing, but it’s not their first thing.

It seems whenever a new breakthrough ingredient is about to hit the market, these guys have a trend of discovering it before anyone else.

stephen adele isatori
iSatori founder Stephen Adele

Their founder Stephen Adele (above) released a couple of solid training plans and I remember running one of them back in 2003, alongside their first attention-grabbing product, the creatine formula Meta-Cel.

That was followed in 2006 with H-Blocker.

iSatori H Blocker

H-Blocker was the first pre workout to really take advantage of the benefits of beta-alanine supplementation – something we now take for granted!

A couple of years later they developed an interesting capsule-based pre workout called Morph which attempted to be the complete pre (energy, focus, pump, strength, recovery, muscle, endurance) as opposed to simply making you want to smash your head off dumbbells.

After tinkering with it and turning into a liquid formula (Morph MegaDrive), it’s since been upgraded to the very strong Morph Xtreme (released late 2017), where they finally appear to have achieved their goal.

They were also among the first companies to spot the change in the fitness world, striking up clever partnerships with CT Fletcher (above) and other YouTube personalities to reach a wider audience.

If a product has the iSatori mark, you can guarantee it’ll be interesting at least, and probably pretty great.

isatori bio gro product review

iSatori Bio Gro Review – The Final Verdict

It’s crunch time for iSatori Bio Gro.

As you can see from my experience running this supplement for the purposes of this review, it performed exceptionally well.

But BAPS (bio-active peptides) are still a relatively untapped market in the sports supplement industry, and more research is definitely needed before it can become a top dog like whey protein and/or creatine, although iSatori are digging deeper on a regular basis. (5)

Until then, this remains a supplement which should be looked at once you have taken care of the essentials.

However, if you want to try adding in Bio Gro to to your stack to see your own response, I can highly recommend doing so.

isatori bio gro info
iSatori place Bio Gro high on a list of supplemental importance, but I’d position it below the likes of creatine, at least until further research is performed in order to confirm those early findings.

What does the future hold for Bio Gro?

iSatori hit it out of the park with this one.

They describe it as “a true game changer” and it didn’t let them down, with Bio Gro becoming one of the best-selling bodybuilding supplements to hit the market in years.

They have since began reformulating many of their other products to include Bio Gro in the blend (whey protein, pre workout, etc), so it looks like it’s here to stay.

Of course, if you want to supplement with Bio Gro then the optimal way to do so is by picking up the product in it’s sole formula to ensure correct dosage.

Check it out here (UK), or here (USA).

iSatori Bio Gro review


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