Martin Kjellstrom shoulder workout

The Martin Kjellstrom Shoulder Workout

Ever wondered how “The Real Mutant” Martin Kjellstrom trains before a big bodybuilding competition?

Wonder no more!

For today, I bring you a Martin Kjellstrom workout.

I was lucky enough to have Martin stop by the mighty Powerhouse Gym for a session to be featured on my YouTube channel as he was preparing for an appearance at the Arnold Classic.

Needless to say, the camera doesn’t do him justice.

(Despite the fact he still looks f**king huge on screen, it has to be seen to be believed!)

Martin Kjellstrom workout

As one of the world’s largest competitive bodybuilders, IFBB Pro Martin Kjellstrom does not take it easy in the weights room. He’s banging and clanging with the best of them, favouring heavy weights and short ranges of motion for the most part.

You can watch the workout video below, then I’ll break things down for you further down the page.

The Martin Kjellstrom Shoulder Workout

If you prefer to consume your information in written form, here’s how “The Real Mutant” builds his shoulders into boulders before he competes.

Let’s take a look at the exercises, sets and reps performed in Martin’s session today.

1) Machine Shoulder Press x25 (8 rounds)

Increase the weight for the first 7 rounds. The final round is a stripset where Martin removes one plate per side every time failure is achieved.

2) DB Upright Row x20 (5 rounds)

3) Prone Incline DB Front Raise x15 (4 rounds)

4) Prone Incline DB Row x15 (4 rounds)

5) Machine Rear Delt Flye x12 (2 rounds)

6) Seated Single-arm DB Lateral Raise x12 (2 rounds)

7) Reverse-facing Single-arm Machine Shoulder Press x15 (2 rounds)

8) Machine Shrug x50 (2 rounds)

I’d like to thank Martin for stopping by the gym and shooting this session, he’s a nice guy and I hope he goes on to do even bigger things than he’s already achieved in the bodybuilding world so far.

Be sure to follow Martin on his social media channels to keep up with the progress of “The Real Mutant”.

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