Nip + Man review

Nip + Man Product Range Review

Wonder if you could enhance your workout with the latest lotions and creams from Nip + Man?

Today you’ll find out as I review their range aimed at men who train hard but want to look good outside the gym, too.

My reviews are notoriously honest, so before I go any further with this let me say I was pleased to hear Nip + Man’s confidence in their own products.

I don’t do sales pitches, so when I was asked to review their line I made it very clear that if I didn’t like something, I would say so. They got straight back to me and said that’s exactly what they wanted; an honest review.

So, unlike those nonsense sales pitches you’ll undoubtedly see out there, I actually took 3 weeks to use each individual product and figure out what worked for me, and what didn’t.

What you’ll see here is a no bulls**t review which I really enjoyed doing.

The Nip + Man Product Range Review

I reviewed five products from the Nip + Man range, including:

  • Manotox
  • Daily Power Moisturiser
  • Scrubbing Facial Wash
  • Bicep Fix
  • Power Workout Fix

Nip And Man review

How Does The Science Stack Up?

Rather nicely, actually.

Each product contains proven ingredients which have years of scientific research behind them.

For instance, Daily Power Moisturiser includes caffeine and grape seed oil. Manotox is packed with sea minerals to revitalize the skin and leave you looking fresh. The exfoliating Scrubbing Facial Wash includes caffeine and Brazilian papaya. Bicep Fix contains caffeine to increase elasticity in the skin, and Power Workout Fix contains both ginger oil and vanillyl.

nip + man review

Russ’ Verdict On Nip + Man Products

Those of you who know me personally know that I’m not the sort of guy to have tons of moisturising creams in my gym bag.

Heck, my hands feel like sandpaper from years of lifting heavy weights.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll dismiss a good product when I find one.

If you look at the infographic above, Nip + Man (or rather their parent company Nip + Fab) are very clear who their target market is, and that target market is potentially huge.

If you currently buy things like Nivea For Men or Dove For Men, then you’ll love Nip + Man. Not only is there far less hype on the packaging (which we love, by the way), but the ingredients are superior to most other moisturisers and lotions.

However, two of today’s products really stood out.

Nip + Man

Bicep Fix is an interesting product as it does it’s job of boosting the appearance of the target muscle (which in this case is biceps, but I’m told by my gym members that the company also do separate products for pecs and abs). It runs the risk of being (perhaps unfairly) held back by poor imitation products on the market – you know the ones, they feature a model rubbing cream on with a voice-over guy claiming that it helps to tighten up your skin automatically, giving people the false idea that it’s some sort of miracle lotion.

The ‘no hype’ approach adopted by Nip + Man definitely works in their favor in this issue, because it does it’s job well.

By a clear mile, my personal favourite product was Power Workout Fix

This post workout serum is designed to sooth your muscles after a tough workout and, boy, does it work!

If you like Deep Heat, you’ll love this.

I almost had a power nap the first time I used it. Thanks to the vanillyl contained in the product, you will feel an awesome kick of heat about 30 seconds after application to the target muscle and that heat lasted considerably longer than anything else I have used in this niche.

I also gave this product to two other trainers in my gym and they both fell in love with it, so it gets a big thumbs up from us.

All in all, Nip + Man looks like a great company (their parent company Nip + Fab develop similar items aimed at women) and it’s been a pleasure reviewing these products for them. Take a look at their website and order some for yourself.

If you enjoyed today’s article ‘Nip + Man Product Range Review’, thanks for reading.

nip + man review

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