Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren Arm Workout

The Dolph Lundgren Arm Workout

Today’s workout, with none other than Dolph Lundgren, is really going to put you through your paces. In fact, if you thought the Sylvester Stallone arm workout was tough, prepare for a resounding shock to your system as we smash through this action-packed arm workout with the one and only Ivan Drago himself. Ready for […]

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are bodybuilders stupid

Bodybuilders Are Stupid, Right?

The first time I told someone I wanted to start lifting weights, they said: “Bodybuilders are stupid! You don’t want to end up like Arnold Schwarzenegger, do you? He sounds like a dumb robot! And Sylvester Stallone? I can’t even understand what that muscle-head is saying!” Thankfully, I didn’t listen. Bodybuilders have long been labelled […]

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