Jim Stoppani

Does Omega 3 Fish Oil Cause Prostate Cancer

Does Fish Oil Cause Prostate Cancer?

A story recently ran in the press claiming there is a fish oil prostate cancer link which we should all be scared of. That’s right. According to the latest headlines, using Omega-3 supplements can significantly increase your chances of developing the big C. Given that athletes and bodybuilders (and heck, just about everyone I’ve ever […]

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Pre Jym Review

Pre Jym Review – Is It Really King Of Pre Workouts?

T2. Aliens. Big Momma’s House 2. All represent rare instances of sequels which don’t suck. Ok. Maybe not that last one. But when we’re talking supplements, sequels are usually a poor imitation of the original, thrown together when an ingredient gets flagged up or banned. Which brings us to Pre Jym 2.0, the brand new pre workout […]

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