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Should You Workout When You’re Ill?

The worst thing about being ill is that you can’t go to the gym. That’s right. It’s not the banging headaches, or the tissues stuck to your face… it’s not even the hot lemony drinks that make your house smell like a Minion factory. It’s that you just want to drink your pre workout, flip […]

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how to become a successful personal trainer

How To Become A Successful Personal Trainer

Well done, you achieved your personal trainer qualifications! But don’t get too excited just yet, my friend. Despite promising financial freedom and extreme job satisfaction, the fitness industry has notoriously high failure rates. In fact, one survey claimed that over 90% of new personal trainers quit their business within the first year and filter off […]

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how many meals per day to lose weight

Eating Small Frequent Meals Is A Weight Loss Myth

How many times have you heard that eating small frequent meals will speed up your metabolism and help you lose more weight? It’s a very popular belief, often quoted in gyms and fitness magazines. “The metabolism is like a fire which must be stoked throughout the day. So if you eat 9-10 small frequent meals, […]

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Welcome To My New Blog!

Well, what sort of host would I be if I didn’t take a minute to welcome you? A bad one. That’s what sort. The kind of host who invites you over and then disappears into a room filled with friends while you stand there awkwardly alongside a bunch of f**king strangers, re-reading your text messages […]

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