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CT Fletcher Sidewalk Kraka Review

If CT Fletcher designed a pre workout, you’d expect it to blow your head off with as much subtlety as an angry oompa-loompa with a sawn-off shotgun. Well, now he has. Rejoice! But does the appropriately named Sidewalk Kraka deliver? Today, it becomes the latest product to go through my deliberately harsh supplement rating system. […]

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Adapt Nutrition Pre Train V2 Review

Back in 2015, Adapt Nutrition launched the great Pre Train. Now they’re back with Pre Train V2. But is this sequel more Terminator 2 or Jaws 2? You’re about to find out, thanks to my official Adapt Nutrition Pre Train V2 review! This is a piece of content I’ve been looking forward to writing, because the original formula was a […]

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Adapt Nutrition Pre Train Review

A great pre workout can make you feel unstoppable, helping you power through a great workout on those days when you didn’t feel like going to the gym. A bad pre workout, however, can leave you feeling flatter than a witch’s tit. So whenever you find a pre that truly delivers, it makes sense to cherish it. […]

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How To Make Your Own Pre Workout Suplement

How To Make Your Own Pre Workout Supplement

A great pre workout should resemble Appetite For Destruction. If you’ve ever listened to Guns N’ Roses’ debut album, you’ll know precisely what I mean. All killer. No filler. It was lightning in a bottle. Heck, it still is. Sadly, the pre workout market is filled with below-par supplements that fall well short of the […]

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Citrulline Malate Explained

Citrulline is the most important ingredient in a great preworkout supplement. Yeah, I said it. More useful than caffeine. More effective than creatine. More powerful than beta-alanine. Sadly, it’s an ingredient which is usually just “thrown in” to pre workout formulas, often under-dosed and not truly maximized for performance benefits. But make no mistake about […]

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