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instant knock out fat burner review

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review – A Straight KO?

In it’s pretty fist-shaped tub, Instant Knockout has been gathering a speedy following on social media. But is it any good? After all, most fat burning supplements offer little more than hype… So today we’ll find out, in my official Instant Knockout Fat Burner review! I’ll be putting this product up against my constantly harsh […]

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4 Gauge pre workout review

4 Gauge Pre Workout Review

In it’s red shotgun shell casing, 4 Gauge truly looks like the ultimate pre workout. And it knows exactly who it’s target market is. With slogans like “Load Up Your Guns!” plastered on the tub, it conjures up images of workouts no less intense than Rambo defeating the entire Russian army in 1985. Just reading the hype which accompanies the product […]

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