The Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Routine 2013

Are you ready to burn fat with the best of all time? Today I’m taking you through the Arnold Schwarzenegger 2013 workout routine and you had better prepare yourself for a mammoth effort in the gym. While it’s completely different to his old style of working out (which is to be expected), Arnold has stayed on the cutting edge of the fitness landscape by adopting a high intensity approach to his training for fat loss.

Arnold Schwarzenegger workout routine 2013Now that he’s back in the movies, of course, the time has come for Arnold to break free from the office and start hitting the gym he loves so much. Perhaps taking a leaf out of Sylvester Stallone’s high intensity approach to training, this new workout routine borrows styles from HIIT (high intensity interval training), CrossFit and good old fashioned bodybuilding as it gears Arnie up for his return to the big screen in movies such as The Legend Of Conan, Ten and The Expendables 3.

Are you ready to tackle it? Press “play” for a video guide with myself, complete with an appearance from the man himself!

Phase One

Bike or Elliptical Trainer x 10 minutes of HIIT with a split of 30 seconds high intensity, 30 seconds low intensity.

Phase Two

Arnold Schwarzenegger workout routine 2013

Bench Press x15

Lat Pulldown x15

Dumbbell Lateral Raise x15

Single Arm Cable Row x15 (on each side)

EZ-Bar Curl x15

Swiss Ball Crunch x20

Perform both phases with no rest between exercises other than the time it takes you to transition from one move to the next. Alternate the phase one machine between rounds – one round on a bike, the next on an elliptical trainer, and so on. Only 2 minutes rest at the end of each round. See how many rounds you can do until you reach total failure. Arnold usually aims for one hour, which is 4-5 rounds of this circuit.

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