Dolph Lundgren Arm Workout

The Dolph Lundgren Arm Workout

Today’s workout, with none other than Dolph Lundgren, is really going to put you through your paces.

In fact, if you thought the Sylvester Stallone arm workout was tough, prepare for a resounding shock to your system as we smash through this action-packed arm workout with the one and only Ivan Drago himself.

Ready for some Rocky IV style training?

Before we start, as with all workouts it’s important that you read through the information before you head to the gym, because this workout is by no means ‘a walk in the park’.

Then again, seeing as this arm workout is used by the man who single-handedly finished Apollo Creed, you should expect no less!

dolph lundgren arm workout

Dolph Lundgren Arm Workout Structure

We’ll start with some shoulder work, before moving onto biceps and triceps.

Much like his buddy Sly, Dolph prefers to group exercises together for maximum punishment. As such, this session is structured into three rounds, consisting of a mighty 8 exercises per round.

The only thing that changes is the rep scheme.

  • Round 1 = 30 reps of each exercise.
  • Round 2 = 20 reps of each exercise.
  • Round 3 = 10 reps of each exercise.

Take short mid-set rest breaks only when absolutely necessary.

This circuit-style training requires you to use a lighter weight than you’d normally lift, so you might need to check your ego on the way though the gym doors. It’s not uncommon for people to underestimate this, and become a sweaty mess by the end of round one.

Ready to start training?

Dolph Lundgren Workout

The Dolph Lundgren Arm Workout

Dolph Lundgren Arm Workout

Russ’ Tips During The Dolph Lundgren Arm Workout

Be prepared for an absolute war when you tackle this.

I recommend using an EZ-bar and the same pair of dumbbells for every dumbbell exercise on the list, before finishing off with a cable station for the final exercise.

That way, you’re not hogging the gym.

Many action movie stars have eased off as they’ve grown older (and their physiques show it), but Dolph has been able to maintain the athletic look he first brought to the big screen in the mid-1980’s, and continues to use the same style of training he went through for Rocky IV.

Dolph fondly referring to this session as his Guns Workshop,  and still manages to perform this very workout in the gym in at 59 years old.

Impressive, huh?

I recommend battling through to the end of each circuit then taking at least 90-120 seconds rest before starting the next round. You’ll feel an intense burn from the mid-point of that first round, so each set quickly degenerates into a simple battle of will.

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After that hard session, I want you to do two easy things:

  1. Share the link to the Dolph Lundgren arm workout with two gym buddies. They’ll appreciate you laying down the challenge!
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