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“You have within you an iron will; one which won’t bend, and won’t break.

It’s waiting for your attention.”


My fitness career bagan when I was just nine years old.

You see, after developing a serious hip condition I was told that I’d likely never be able to walk again. With the right guidance and sensible heads on the shoulders of those around me, I was enrolled in the gym…

… and I never left!

In the decades since then (I’m now 41 years old) I’ve carved out a career as a reliable personal trainer and a trusted source of fitness information, providing content for publications I used to read such as Men’s Fitness, PT magazine, Women’s Health and others.

I’m a fully qualified personal trainer having earned my stripes from the legendary Doug Hunter (Newcastle College) as well as Stephen Banks at Lifetime Fitness, and nowadays perhaps the biggest chunk of my time is taken up by running this very website. From humble beginnings back in 2011, to now over 100,000 people using the programs inside to build their best body.

I do not tell you all of this to ‘brag’, of course, but rather to show you that you are in good hands. You see I’ve been in the gym for a whopping thirty two years, and I still train folks in the mighty Powerhouse Gym South Shields even now. I want you to use that experience to your gain.

With this website I’d like to give you all the knowledge you’ll ever need to go out there and BUILD YOUR BEST BODY.



Those of you who know me, know it would be weird if I failed to mention my kids on this “about” page.

After all, they are the center of everything I do.

I was lucky enough have a chance meeting with Sally way back in 2004 (I still had hair) and we’ve been an item ever since. We now have three awesome lads to keep us company as we progress towards being crazy old people together. Junior (15) is nuts about Newcastle United Football Club, Jaxon is the crazy one (takes after his mother), and Arnie is the blessing we never knew we needed; after being diagnosed with autism, I spent a lot of time trying to pick up new techniques in order to help him learn but, in reality, it’s he who teaches me things every day.

Anyway, that’s my family life.

I hope you get great results using, I have poured my heart and soul into this website for you. You simply have to apply the information, and reap the results. You can always message me via the contact page.