About Me

Hey friend, I’m Russ.

I’ve been a personal trainer for the last 20 years, and during that time I’ve worked with thousands of clients (tens of thousands now with this website), and provided content for some of the world’s most popular fitness magazines.

I don’t say this to boast, of course, but rather to show you that you’re in good hands.

You see, I know first-hand that the fitness world is full of s**t. I know that people often hype up useless supplements. I know they promote quick fix diets that do not work.

So I want to make it clear that what you’re getting here is a real trainer. Someone who does it day in and day out (at the legendary Powerhouse Gym South Shields, no less!). A coach who will tell it to you straight.

I’d like to give you all of the tools to go from where you are right now as you read this, to exactly where you want to be. Muscled arms. Sculpted legs. A head-turning body. That’s why I first built this website way back in 2011, and why I continue to run it today.

Russ Howe PTI

Training Philosophy

My training style can be summed up with one equation:

Science + Intensity = Results!

This equation didn’t come from the gym, instead it’s something I got from my Granda.

In 1990 I was nine years old and suffering with an unusual hip condition. It went undiagnosed for years, and had reached a point where I couldn’t even stand up without what felt like excruciating pain. It turns out my left hip bone had completely worn away, and in early summer I received the dreaded news from the doctor that I might not walk again.

Man, I can still remember that gut-sinking feeling like it was yesterday.

As the shockwaves reverberated around my family, my Granda was the guy who pulled me out of the darkness. He was convinced we could beat it with a positive lifestyle change, and started dragging me to physio appointments, learning as much as possible about how to strengthen the neceessary muscles, and forced me to believe in myself.

… and he was DEAD RIGHT!

I will always be grateful for what he did, and perhaps more importantly, I’ll always be grateful for what he taught me, because climbing out of that wheelchair and stepping forward was the first time in my life I saw that combining the right actions with the right intensity is the key to unlocking amazing results.

This strange period of my life also sparked my love of training.

I’ve spent a lifetime in the gym since then, embarking on my career as a trainer way back in 2002 and achieving my fitness qualifications from the awesome Doug Hunter at Newcastle College, but I frequently return to the equation my Granda taught me, and show my clients:

Science = Intensity = Results!

So with that being said, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my website.

All of the programs which you have access to on are based upon years of scientific research and real-world application in the legendary Powerhouse Gym. I’ve left no stone unturned in my quest to build what I believe to be the most comprehensive collection of workout programs around – something that can work for you time and time again – and give you the luxury of never worrying about whether you’re doing the wrong exercises, or following the wrong nutrition plan, etc.

“You have within you an iron will. One which will not bend, and will not break. It is waiting for your attention.”

Who Is Russ Howe PTI?

russ howe pti

Featured in Men’s Fitness magazine and voted in the world’s top 50 fat loss coaches by HuffPost, Russ is one of the UK’s most subscribed personal trainers with 104,357 people getting his free weekly fitness tips e-mail.

Russ’ clients range from busy parents, to models, to actresses, to athletes, and Russ also worked alongside the government for 8 years to help combat childhood obesity in England.

russ howe pti