“There lies within you an iron will. One which will not bend, and will not break. It is waiting for your attention.”

– Warrior


I’ve been a qualified personal trainer since 2004, and training has been a lifelong passion. I’ve accumulated over 30 years of experience lifting weights, starting at just 9 years old when I used the gym (and an obsession with Rocky IV!) to overcome a genetic hip disease.

Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to be be featured in the likes of Personal Trainer Magazine, Men’s Fitness & Women’s Health. Nowadays, I spend my time leading personal training sessions in the mighty Powerhouse Gym, South Shields and running this membership website. This website has made it possible for me to help thousands of men & women with my work, and I’m proud of that.


When I’m not in the gym, I’m with my family.

personal trainer

My partner Sally and I are parents to Junior (14), Jaxon (10), and Arnie (3).

Junior is Newcastle United crazy. Jaxon is Xbox crazy. Arnie is, erm, daddy crazy. Our little Arnie has autism, and learning how to help him has been the most challenging and fun thing I’ve done in years.

I hope you find my website helpful, and you can send me a message on the contact page any time.