“There lies within you an iron will. One which will not bend, and will not break.

It is waiting for your attention.”

Russ Howe PTI
Not flexing. Promise.

My Story

Talk about humble beginningsā€¦

I started this website in my spare time, and it has become so much more than I ever imagined.

All thanks to you guys and girls.

I post No-BS fitness tips which cover workout advice, to supplement reviews, to dieting tips to help you lose more fat without the stress.

I try to make my writing style match the way I’d talk to you in the gym, too.

My journey with weights began a long time ago, back when I was a kid. After my hip crumbled, I used weights to rebuild my strength and kinda never stopped.

Of course, for those first few years I did absolutely everything wrong (!!!).

I fell for all the supplement claims, and followed all the muscle building magazines with three hour workouts, boring bowls of chicken and rice, fasted cardio every morning, etc… A couple of years went by and I enjoyed training, but I had little to show for it.

Eventually, I decided to get some actual knowledge regarding what I was putting my body though, so I began researching the heck out of muscle protein synthesis, fat loss mechanisms, and everything in between.

This will make me sound sad, sure, but I had a real obsession with taking my knowledge to the next level.

So when results starting to come thick and fast for me in the gym, and I finally achieved the shape I wanted, I studied to become a personal trainer in order to put some hustle behind this muscle. My goal switched to helping other men and women achieve their best body without making the mistakes I did.

That was nearly 20 years ago. And here we are!

I’m grateful (and lucky enough) to have been featured in the excellent publications shown down below.

If you love to train hard in the gym, you’re more than welcome here!



Meet Russ Howe PTI

I am lucky enough to be a popular personal trainer based at the mighty Powerhouse Gym South Shields.

When I’m not banging and clanging in the weights room, you can find me doing one of the following:

  1. Publishing new content to this website!
  2. Putting personal training clients through new workout programs!
  3. Trying to keep up with my three young sons – a workout in itself!

I enjoy seeing all transformation pictures which flood the site, and I’d love to hear from you, so keep up your great work in the gym and keep telling me about it!

Russ Howe PTI