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2 Ways To Train With The Fat Loss Guy

When people want to lose weight and keep it off... they use Russ.


When people want straightforward advice that helps them see results... they use Russ.


And when people want to remove the noise and the stress from their fitness routine, so they can focus only on what works... they use Russ.


And now, you can too!


In fact, you'll have 2 different ways to train with Russ...



The website version gives you workout plans in an easy to read, image-rich format. Russ uses this version himself.


>> Choose your section.


>> Select a workout plan.


>> Hit the gym and follow the program.


>> If you get stuck, click the exercise and you'll see a video demonstration and written teaching points from Russ himself.


>> No need to track anything, just pick up n' go!


The app version gives you all the workout plans in a much more interactive way.


>> Choose your workout.


>> Log your sets, reps, and weights.


>> Video demonstrations for all exercises.


>> Upload progress photos.


>> Track your nutrition with the built-in food log,


>> Award-winning app software developed for Russ

     by the boffins at My PT Hub.


What Real Members Say

Russ has helped 1000s of men and women so far. Here's a short selection of their results.




"I've always loved doing Russ' programs!


The downloadable e-books are also great; he squashes so many training myths I used to believe.


And the results speak for themselves; I had to buy some size 12 pants for my holiday due to the size of my bum - but my waist is still a size 6!"


(Plan used: The Beach Bum Challenge)




"I go to the gym, I follow my program to a "T".


If I want to switch things up, I choose one of the nasty random workout challenges.


I love the fact that there are no "easy" workouts! Russ' methods are very effective, and you'll curse his name in every session...


... but my results are worth it!"


(Plan used: Thunder From Down Under)




"Every workout is a killer, but the best thing is that I don't need to worry about anything - just go to the gym, follow a plan, and they work!


I've never felt stronger."


(Plan used: The Beach Bum Challenge)




"I have lost 4 stone so far, but I ain't finished yet!


Every workout is different, and that really helps me to stay motivated to go to the gym because that's what I've always struggled with in the past.


All the different techniques are fun, and Russ knows how to unlock an extra gear from me."


(Plan used: Figure of 8)





Science-based training techniques to get you lean and ripped... and keep you there!



Use the exact dieting protocol Russ' top male and female clients use to build their best body - The Shred System is inside your members area waiting for you!


Featured Training Programs

Take a quick look at just some of the stuff you'll have access to inside the members area!

russ howe pti

"Failure is not an option... it's a requirement."


This 4 week training system promises to break your mind, body and spirit. But you'll come out of it an altogether stronger animal.


Because in order to experience your true beauty, you must train like a BEAST.


On site right now.

Russ Howe PTI APP
Russ Howe PTI APP
russ howe pti

A firm favorite (no pun intended) among my female clients!


"Beach Bum Challenge" is an 8 week training system you can use to shred your entire body, with particular focus paid to earning those shapely thighs and powerful glutes.


This one also comes with some beautifully effective end-of-week HIIT challenges


On site right now.

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"Burn more fat in 40 days than most people do in a year!"


And as users will agree; it works!


This 8 week trainer consists of a mixture of weights and cardio, combined into devastating mini-circuits with a goal of torching body fat. Each mini-circuit is designed to get you leaner, and drive your fitness to the next level.


On site right now.

Russ Howe PTI

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The world's #1 rated PT app software.


Coaching from Russ Howe PTI.


Follow the Shred System nutrition plan.


Fully structured and proven training routines.

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30 Years Of Experience To Help You Build Your Best Body

Russ is among the UK's most sought-after Personal Trainers, having been featured by the likes of Men's Fitness, Women's Health, and Personal Trainer Magazine. This year, Huff Post recognized Russ as one of the world's best trainers for fat loss results.


"I've been training since I was 9 years old. I've spent a lifetime in the gym, so you don't need to!"



Get to know Russ:


After overcoming a potentially life-changing hip injury as a youngster, he spent the next two decades establishing himself as a proven source of quality workout and fitness advice.


During that time, he's worked with people from all walks of life; bodybuilders, models, athletes, actresses, busy parents, and even the UK government (helping kids in a program designed to combat childhood obesity).


With the Russ Howe PTI Website & Mobile App, you're getting complete access to all of his workout plans, individual workouts, and nutrition templates.


You hold in your hands the road map to unlock your dream physique!


It's up to you to decide where you want that journey to take you.


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