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Get in the shape of your life with Russ' brand new app.
Let's Build Your Best Body
When building this app, I had one goal in mind:
To remove doubt and confusion from your training.
When I look around the fitness industry, I see lots of trainers promising "easy results", and lots of diet plans built around "the next big thing".
And they don't work.
Because there's one thing blocking people from building the physique they'd love to own:
Due to all the misinformation out there, most of us aren't sure which workouts we need to be doing, what diet works best for our goal, the combination of weights and cardio we should do, and so on...
I want to kill that.
I want to remove the confusion and the doubt.
Because the truth is this:
If you want an absolutely unreal body, you need to work hard for it.
The great bodies displayed by my top male and female clients across my website were not built by luck. They were built on science, intensity and consistency.
They were built on the fact that I kept pushing them as hard as I could, and they kept showing up for more - even when they could have taken the easy option and phoned in sick.
Deep down, you already knew this.
And you didn't even mind.
Heck, you probably just wanted someone to be honest about it, right?
Because you don't mind working your butt off, if only someone would cut the s**t and give you the tools to do the job, so you could simply get on with it.


Well, wait no more.
Inside the app, you are going to receive those tools.
Because for the first time EVER, you'll have access to all of my proven training programs, all my gruelling workouts, and even all the easy-to-follow nutrition templates my clients use in the gym.
And you're going to hate me for it.
Yes... hate me.
I'm going to give you the workouts that push your body hard every time you go to the gym. Maybe harder than you've ever been pushed before.
You'll curse my name. You'll send me angry faces on social media. You'll want to punch me if you ever meet me in the gym.
... and that's OK!
Because you're going to love your results. That's all I care about.
Take a look below, you can see how it works.
Russ Howe PTI
russ howe pti app
All The Workouts!
Fancy taking on a brutal arm workout? How about Tyrannosaurus Flex?!
Leg day, you say? Dive head first into some Call Of Booty!
Maybe you're looking for a full plan to follow over the next few weeks? Figure Of Eight has your name on it!
For the first time ever, you have access to ALL of my workouts and full training systems - any time, any place, all in one easy-to-use app!
Every single exercise is video demo'd, and the app gets updated every single week with new workouts and features, so you'll never be stuck in the gym from now on!
All The Nutrition!
In order to get in the best shape of your life, you need the right workout plans and the right nutrition.
Thankfully, you are covered for both!
You'll have unlimited access to my ever-growing library of nutrition plans; fat loss plans, muscle building plans, male and female.
Like the workouts, the library is expanded regularly, so you can tackle new styles of nutrition you've been curious of but unsure how to apply for maximum results (like carb cycling, keto, cutting protocols, and more).
I'll show you how to do them all.
Track Your Results!
You'll be able to see your results improve in the mirror and on the screen.
You can "pick up & play" without tracking numbers, or you can record everything; from the weights you lift, to the rest you take, to the number of reps you hit, even your daily nutrition.
You can even log progress pictures and turn your lifts into graphs to see your numbers moving in the right direction.
Talk about accountability, right?
This is how the pros do it.
They don't want the fuss of having to structure everything... They want to feel safe in the knowledge that all "the boring stuff" has been done for them (the planning, the science, the research), and they can just focus on the fun of hitting the gym and following the instructions.
(I say "the boring stuff" in speechmarks because I'm a complete fitness nerd, and actually find the boring stuff pretty darn fascinating - ha!)

"The Best £6 I've Ever Spent."

"The simplicity is unreal.


I go to the gym. I get Russ out of my pocket. I do what the program says.


If I get stuck, there's a demo and usually a message to kick me up the butt.


For years, I didn't know what to do in the weights room. Now you can't keep me out of it. But the shift in mindset has been crazy... I enjoy hard training... I look forward to see my numbers go up.


It rocks."

- Helen, UK

Russ Howe PTI

Meet Your New Trainer.

My name is Russ.


I've worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for the last twenty years.


And during that time I've helped thousands of men and women to get into what they describe as the best shape of their lives, and been fortunate enough to be featured in the great publications you see above.


But that's not what I really want to talk about.


I built my app, and in fact my entire fitness business, to show you that anyone can accomplish something they set their mind to.


When I was a kid I was always told I'd never amount to anything.


I didn't have the best genetics... I was ridiculously shy... I was as weak as a motherf**ker... and I couldn't walk properly (srsly) until the age of 12.


You know the great thing about science?


It doesn't care.


See, the whole process of building muscle and losing body fat is a fine science. And if we learn how to master that science, you truly can look how you want to look.


You know, the body you imagine when you close your eyes.


It doesn't matter what you've been told, or who may have written you off.


Despite the many things I've strived to achieve in my own career, the biggest lesson I learned is that nothing can stop a person who is determined to achieve their goal. Nothing.


And if that individual is given the correct tools to do the job, the sky is truly the limit for them.


That's where this app comes into play.


Because while I am a self-confessed fitness nerd, my clients are able to rest safe in the knowledge that the training plans I give them, and the nutrition templates they follow, have been carefully structured to give them the absolute best chance of owning that physique they've been trying to build for years.


Science is on their side.


And so am I.


Yes, they hate me.


Yes, they dread looking what's on the agenda for today's workout as they arrive at their gym.


But they also kinda love it, in a sick, twisted kinda way.


And now I'm inviting YOU to become one of them.

All The Training Plans. All The Time.
Get in the shape of your life with Russ' brand new app.
✅ All of Russ' full training systems.
(The Rip Down, Beauty & The Beast, Biceps Boom, Beach Bum, and more!)
✅ An ever-growing library of gruelling standalone workouts to challenge you!
(Tyrannosaurus Flex, Dude Looks Like A Leg Day, The Gamechanger, and more)!
✅ Gamify your diet and understand proper nutrition with Russ' easy-to-use nutrition templates!
(Fat loss plans, muscle buidling plans, male and female. The same plans Russ' PT clients use!)
✅ Track all of your progress with pictures!
(As well as graphs tracking your lifts, body weight, measurements, and more.)
✅ A constantly growing app which provides you with endless variety and some of the hardest workouts you'll ever do!
The days of stale, boring training that fails to push you are GONE.
russ howe pti app

Russ' Entire App Is Just £6 p/m.

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