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I'll Teach You Exactly How To Build Your Ultimate Booty
With Results Guaranteed!
Russ Howe PTI Beach Bum Challenge

"How Does She Look Like That?!"


This was a real question asked of Phoebe not so long ago.



She took it as a massive compliment, too.



Because for so long, Phoebe never saw the results she wanted from her gym training.



Her training goal was to be leaner, firmer, and, quite frankly, she wanted a lower body that could stop traffic.



But the frustration at a lack of results was real.



No matter what she did, she didn't feel like she was changing shape when she looked in the mirror.



She'd go to the gym, she'd "work out", and the desire for success was certainly there... but something was missing.



Her work friends were always trying the latest thing in the magazines which celebrities were bringing out, and nothing ever worked.



They seemed happy to carry on in this endless cycle of gimmicks, and fads, without results. Like it was a game. But it p**sed Phoebe off.



She wanted RESULTS.



Then, in the Summer of 2019, everything changed.


So What Worked?



We need to get one thing clear:



She always wanted results.



It was never a question of 'wanting it' enough.



She didn't suddenly decide to start training harder. She started to train smarter.



The old approach of trying whatever the latest thing was? Gone!



The idea of just winging it at the gym and hoping for the best? Gone!



She decided to begin applying REAL SCIENCE to her workouts. It was the first time she'd been training with a PROPER STRUCTURE, and using PROVEN METHODS to get her THE EXACT RESULTS SHE WANTED.



The end results were INSANE.



She was the talk of the workplace.



"How does she look like that?", her colleagues gasped. And Phoebe knew they were expecting to hear about some cheesy "secret formula" from a magazine.



But that wasn't the case at all...



In fact, the tool Phoebe used to transform her body was something anybody could use.



So she told them.


How Would RESULTS Make You Feel?



Imagine for a moment that you've gone through the same transformation as Phoebe above.



How would it make you feel?



Hey, how would it make you feel just to start the transformation?



To know that you were on the way to success.,,



No more worrying about whether you're doing the correct exercises, or eating the right foods in your nutrition plan, no more second-guessing yourself regarding what you should be doing with your time in the gym... that's a good place to be, right?



Strangely enough, that's exactly what Phoebe loved the most about her journey.



For the first time she could remember, she felt relaxed about her body, her exercise, and her eating. She was wiping out self-confidence issues for good.



But when she arrived at her training goal? That was another story entirely.



Imagine how you would feel to be in the shape of your life...



The confidence would radiate from your body while you ate out with friends. You'd get that nice quiet feeling of satisfaction you feel from knowing the physique other people were chasing; you have.



And it's yours. PERMANENTLY.



You know exactly what to do, and exactly what to eat, and exactly what to avoid, in order to maintain your new great body.



Sounds excellent, right?



Well, it's a reality for over 80,000 women already.



So I've got one question left for you:



Are you ready for it to FINALLY be YOUR TURN to feel like this?



"This program changed everything for me.



I used to constantly beat myself up, for not looking like those girls in magazines and on social media. I felt under constant pressure - but nothing I did worked!


No matter the diet... no matter the workouts I did... nothing changed in the mirror.



Then this clicked it all into place for me.



Nutrition: super easy. Training: actually fun (for the first time in ever!). Results: better than ever before. My bum feels u-n-r-e-a-l...!!!



From never feeling like I saw any difference, suddenly I felt like I could see changes every day when I looked in the mirror. I am so confident in how I look right now, I can't urge you enough to start your own transformation."




Introducing The Beach Bum Challenge!
Your Journey Starts Right Now!
No more struggling.
No more doubt.
I'll show you how to build your ultimate booty and get into the shape of your life, with guaranteed results.
You'll be applying REAL SCIENCE to unlock UNREAL RESULTS.
Specifically, here's how it all works...
✔️ In section 1 of your download, you will receive a whopping 8 weeks of results-driven body scultping workouts. I am literally plotting your journey form A-Z. Nothing has been left to chance.
✔️ In section 2 of the plan, you'll see how to stay clear of outdated, debunked techniques which simply do not work. That means no more wasting your time in the gym - ever! You will only be using methods which are proven to yield success.
✔️ In section 3, you'll learn about the proven training techniques which will elevate your results to another level entirely. These are the handy "tips" and "tricks" that my clients have used to stay leaps and bounds ahead of the chasing pack while others wonder what the heck is going on.
✔️ In section 4, you'll discover exactly how to structure your nutrition for maximum results. This is the part where 99.99% of people go WRONG - but not you! Real science gets you unreal results!
✔️ Section 5 reveals simple meal plans which can be used to get you moving in the right direction IMMEDIATELY. It'll also teach you how to start adding your favorite foods into your meal plans (even treats) without losing any results along the way. You will never go back to the old way of "dieting" ever again.
✔️ The next section teaches you the simple and clear list of supplements you should use. While most people have cupboards full of powders, you'll only use what's proven to make a difference, and forget about everything else.
✔️ The final feature of the plan - and it's a biggie!! - you get your very own fitness app! How cool is that? The award-winning software has your full plan and food built in for you, making it super easy to follow and track your crazy results as you go!

"I've loved this plan since Day One!



Russ squashes so many training myths I used to believe, and it feels great knowing that what I'm doing now actually works!


People tell me this is the best shape they've ever seen me in, and that's nice, but the real difference for me is the way my clothes fit now...


Example: My friend gave me a onesie, and as hard as I tried, my bum just would not squeeze in there! 
I had to order size 12 pants for my holiday - and my waist is still a 6!



I love this program, and I love the shape it's helped me get. Beach Bum... whoo!!"


- Helen



With Results GUARANTEED!

russ howe pti beach bum challenge
beach bum workout plan
If You Made It This Far -
You're Ready.
I don't believe in superstitions, or luck.
So I can tell you this...
If you made it this far down my page... you're ready.
So let's look at the possible reasons which are stopping you from taking the action you already know you want to take...
Maybe because nothing has previously worked for you?
You've already read how Phoebe experienced that exact scenario, and she went on to achieve her best EVER shape using the principles and workouts included in Beach Bum.
There is no reason you can't do it.
And with my Iron Guarantee, it's truly risk free.
Remember, you can try the Beach Bum challenge for yourself and see your results. We believe that this training plan is so amazing, so effective, and so powerful that we're willing to GUARANTEE you results. With this simple guarantee, there are no downsides. We are so PASSIONATE about this program, and so CONFIDENT that it delivers MASSIVE VALUE, that we GUARANTEE your life will be impacted in a positive way by it.
Test all the methods. Apply the science and the knowledge. Then watch your body respond.
I think you'll be pretty proud of yourself when you complete it, and you'll deservedly want to show off your results to the world. But if for any reason you're not happy, simply email me and you'll get a full refund. It's that straightforward. No risk. All you need to do is commit to doing the work of the program, to truly put it to the test, and I know you will - because that's exactly why you're here.
When you reach the end of Beach Bum, you'll be entered into a contest with other participants and I'll choose one lucky entrant to be the winner of some exclusive training gear and a 12 month pass to my premium workout app for free.
Thanks for reading. I will see you on the other side.
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