Maximuscle Cyclone Review

Maximuscle Cyclone Review – Still King Of Size & Strength?

When I was an aspiring trainer, Maximuscle Cyclone was the answer to way too many questions. Wanna gain size? Start using Maximuscle Cyclone. Wanna get stronger? Get on Cyclone. Wanna get 3 weeks of product for the price of 12 weeks? Cyclone. But how good is it? Today it faces my deliberately harsh supplement rating […]

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Should You Train To Failure?

Today I’m going to show you how to improve your muscle building results by 60%. No… not a typo. Sixty percent. The technique we’re going to be using today is something which many people agree on, but few people do correctly: Training to failure. When you get this skill right, you can enjoy significantly improved […]

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The 3 Best Biceps Exercises According To Science

For many guys, bigger biceps represent the holy grail of training. It’s why we punish ourselves rep after rep, in the quest to pack an extra inch on top of those glistening, mountainous peaks… right? Well, if you love training arms (like me), then you’re going to enjoy today’s blog post – I’ll be looking […]

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bodybuilding what causes the pump

What Causes The Pump?

A great pump feels like the scene in Rambo III where a battle tank crashes head first into a helicopter… but inside your biceps. What causes the pump?

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why I don't eat clean

Why I Don’t Eat Clean

The first time I heard about flexible dieting, I laughed in someone’s face. Like, belly laughed. Until that day I was “clean eating”. But it all changed…

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instagram squats

Instagram Squats Suck! Here’s Why…

Instagram is where fitness advice goes to die. And that’s great… … if you’re looking to snap your f**king back. So today I’m going to show you why “Instagram squats” are NOT the way you should be performing barbell squats in your workouts. (I’m sure you know the ones) I’m breaking it down in this […]

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should you still workout when you feel ill

Should You Workout When You Are Ill?

The worst thing about being ill is the effect it has on your training schedule… It’s not the banging headaches, or the tissues stuck to the side of your face. Heck, it’s not even the conveyor belt of hot lemony drinks making your home smell like a Minion factory. It’s the fact that you want […]

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Are You Beach Body Ready? Not If You Drink This Bulls**t!

If you watch any reality TV show on MTV, you’ll likely be visually attacked by a Protein World advert. Its in-your-face advertising makes one thing clear: If you have ambitions of being an orange celebrity with a huge Instagram following, this is the whey protein for you. Today I’m bringing you an in-depth Protein World […]

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