what is it like to be a personal trainer

The Reality Of Being A Personal Trainer…

Thinking of becoming a personal trainer? I’m not surprised. The fitness industry is currently worth £5 billion, and continues to grow year-on-year. We are living in the golden age of fitness. This is the best job I’ve ever had, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. But here’s a startling statistic for you… Over 80% […]

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russ howe pti


Welcome to the official blog of Russ Howe PTI. Russ is a popular personal trainer based at Powerhouse Gym South Shields, who has featured in Men’s Fitness..

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Russ Howe PTI

Russ Will Be Back Soon

I recently decided to upgrade my webhost, to make the site faster and superior. Upon doing so, I uncovered a few issues which I wanted to correct before pushing it live. I’ll be doing that later this week, so for now, sit tight and know I’ll be back very soon. (Or better yet, go lift […]

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