November (Weeks 3 & 4)

Classic DT workouts for Nov ’22.



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New Programs

  • Chisel

    This 8-week program will chisel away at body fat, until you’ve got a physique carved of stone.

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  • MuscleMania

    Over the course of the next six weeks you’ll be using a proven combination of high reps, low reps, supersets, high frequency training, and my patented antagonistic periodization model to help you carve a physique worthy of “the grandest stage of them all”.

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  • Train To Success

    Jump on board the Train To Success, and see a highly impressive physical transformation in the next eight weeks!

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  • Full-Body Blitz

    There are few better ways to get jacked than full-body training. This 6-week program uses DUP and HIIT to shred your physique for Summer!

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