Exercise Instructions:

  1. Secure a band to a low point under a bench.
  2. Set a bench to a 45* angle and lie down, taking a neutral-grip of the band in each hand.
  3. Set your shoulders to the correct position by squeezing your shoulder blades together.
  4. Set your midsection to the correct position by squeezing your glutes and driving your feel into the ground.
  5. Allow your arms to travel out wide in an arc-like manner, stopping when your elbows reach about shoulder level. There is no need to go any further than this point, we will not increase chest involvement, but we will increase the stretch on the front deltoids, which isn’t the focus of the exercise.
  6. Engage your pecs HARD and use this force to drive the bands up in an arc-like manner, bringing them to the mid-line of your chest.

Muscles Worked: