Exercise Instructions:

  1. Set your bench to a 45* angle.
  2. Attach one end of your light band to the end of your bar, then run in “over n’ under” the bottom of the bench and attach it to the other end of your bar.
  3. Lift the bar to the bench ready for you to begin.
  4. Press the bar overhead to get into the starting position. Move your elbows back to around eye level, not chest level, this will create lots of tension in your triceps and ensure they’re the focus of the exercise, not allowing the much bigger and stronger pecs and deltoids to take over for you.
  5. Bend at the elbow, lowering the bar to the bench while trying your best to keep your elbows tucked in.
  6. Press the bar back up to the start point and squeeze your triceps hard. As you press up, the bar and the band will fight against you. Enjoy.

Muscles Worked: