Exercise Instructions:

  1. Attach a heavy resistance band to a sturdy piece of equipment behind you and step into it. The band should be sitting around your waistline.
  2. Take an overhand-grip of the bar at around shoulder-width.
  3. Even though this is called “stiff leg”, we should have a slight bend at the knees (see video). This keeps tension on the working muscles, not the joints,#
  4. Drive your hips forward (like a HIP THRUST) to bring the bar up.
  5. Keep your back in neutral throughout the rep. Don’t turn into a hunchback motherf**ker. Chest up, shoulders back is the way to go. I like to look forward when I’m at the bottom of each rep, this keeps me aligned correctly.
  6. Why the band? Well, it provides extra gravitational pull for your glutes to work against. Your glutes are your power muscles and can handle more weight than your hamstrings, and this is a great way to ensure you’re working them fully. Notice how hard I’m squeezing my glutes into the band at the end of every rep? That’s why.

Muscles Worked:

Glutes, hamstrings, lower back, forearms.