Exercise Instructions:

  1. Set up a barbell with one side locked to the ground.
  2. Load your side with plates if necessary.
  3. Starting position has the barbell in front of your chest, each hand placed around the bar.
  4. Keep your abs tight and drop the bar to your right leg, your right hand will slide under the bar with your left hand on top.
  5. Power up and down to the other side, your hands will automatically want to switch position too.
  6. This hits your obliques, abs, and shoulders when done correctly. Ensure you go all the way down to your sides (otherwise you’ll cut out abs and make it a shoulder only exercise, which is much easier). When done correctly, the bar will move in an arc-like shape.
  7. This exercise works best when performed explosively.

Muscles Worked:

Obliques, abs, shoulders, forearms.