Exercise Instructions:

  1. Your foot position needs to be tailored to you. Ignore advice that claims “10 O’ Clock”, etc. If I asked you to jump as high as you could, where would you plant your feet? That’s where you should try squatting from, and make slight adjustments beyond that if necessary.
  2. Control the bar as you sit down and back.
  3. Ignore broscience advice that claims you need to go “ass to grass” – like foot position, your squat depth needs to be tailored to your own body. A 90* squat yields the maximum benefits, so if your hips allow you to go any further (see video, mine do), then go for it but it’s not necessary in order to see results from this exercise.
  4. Drive yourself out of the hole by focusing on keeping your chest up and pushing your hips forward. It should be one motion, so the bar travels up in a straight line.
  5. You will see countless other folks at your gym who break down in the hole and push their butt back before letting their lower back to far too much work. Don’t copy these people.

Muscles worked:

Full body.