Exercise Instructions:

  1. If I asked you to jump as high as you could, where would you plant your feet? This is where you should put your feet for this exercise. No two people have the same feet position on squats – mine usually sit at 10 O’ Clock and 2 O’ Clock, but you do you.
  2. Squat by sitting down and back, then explode out of the hole, creating some air-time at the top of the rep.
  3. The landing is key. We want to land like a cat trying not to make any noise, so let your toes come down first, then roll back onto the rest of your foot. If you land flat-footed, you’ll feel a hard impact.
  4. Notice how I perform a slight pause after reach rep? I do this to avoid bouncing into the next rep and using momentum to help.

Muscles Worked: