Exercise Instructions:

  1. Attach a straight-bar handle or an EZ-bar handle to a cable pulley, and set it to a low height.
  2. Take an underhand-grip of the bar, and pin your elbows tightly to your sides (like a T-Rex).
  3. Pull the bar up to your shoulders by squeezing the life outta your biceps.
  4. Keep squeezing those f**kers even as you lower the bar.
  5. Lower the bar all the way. Too many people stop short, ignoring the bottom of the rep because they know it’s hard to drive the next rep up from all the way down. That’s bulls**t. Not only will you perform proper, full reps, you will revel in them. Go all the way down, to the point where you’re able to flex your triceps.

Muscles Worked:

Biceps, forearms.