Exercise Instructions:

  1. I’m not a fan of going heavy on DB FLYE, because the shoulder joint tends to take too much punishment to “feel” the pecs working with a heavier weight. This is a great little workaround exercise to solve this issue…
  2. Set up on the floor with some heavy-a** dumbbells and press them up to begin the exercise.
  3. Keep the DB’s chest level and perform the lowering phase of a flye movement, slowly allowing the weights to lower towards the ground.
  4. The ground will prevent you from going too low, therefore not causing pain to the front delts.
  5. When you reach the ground, you can simply BENCH PRESS the weights back up to the start, or you can bring your elbows to your sides and CLOSE-GRIP BENCH PRESS the weights back up (you’ll see both variations in the video). The FLYE motion is all about the lowering phase.

Muscles Worked: