Exercise Instructions:

  1. Set a cable station to slightly higher than shoulder level.
  2. Most gyms don’t have a long rope, so attached TWO rope pulleys, pulling them all the way through to create your own long rope (see video).
  3. Take an underhand-grip of the rope, your thumbs should be on the ball of the rope or completely off the rope and pointing behind you.
  4. Get into a split-stance for balance, and pin your shoulders back to avoid rounding of the upper back.
  5. Move the weight by pulling your elbows and hands back towards your shoulders. Your thumbs should travel back and behind you, and you should look like you’re ready to do a Shoulder Press at the end of the rep. Too many people get this move wrong by having their elbows and hands in a straight line at the end of the rep, your hands should be higher above, not in front (see video).

Muscles Worked: