Exercise Instructions:

  1. Set a bench to a 45* angle or slightly less.
  2. Take an overhand-grip of the dumbbells. You can experiment with the positioning, many people prefer holding them at a 45* angle.
  3. Set your shoulders by squeezing your shoulder blades down and back against the bench.
  4. Brace your midsection by squeezing your glutes and pushing your feet into the ground.
  5. Keep the dumbbells in line with your chest, don’t let them move up towards your head.
  6. Power the dumbbells UP AND IN, this gives us ADDUCTION, which is great for overall chest development, and is the main advantage the dumbbell version of this exercise has over the barbell version.
  7. Control the weights as you bring them back down towards your outer pecs, keeping your shoulders pinned back on the bench.

Muscles Worked:

Chest, shoulders, triceps.