Exercise Instructions:

  1. Set a bench to a 45* angle or slightly less.
  2. Take a neutral-grip on the dumbbells.
  3. Set your shoulders by squeezing your shoulder blades down and back against the bench.
  4. Brace your midsection by squeezing your glutes and pushing your feet into the ground.
  5. Keep the dumbbells in line with your chest, don’t let them move up towards your head.
  6. Keep a slight bend in your elbows and draw your arms out wide, aiming to bring your elbows level to or slightly below the line of your body. There’s no need to go super low here, it’ll just stress the front deltoids, and that’s not what we’re trying to do.
  7. Power the dumbbells back to the center of your chest, following that arc-like line you used on the way out wide, by squeezing your pecs HARD.
  8. Notice I twist the dumbbells to an underhand-grip during the final 20% of the rep (see video). This allows me to contract my pecs a little harder.

Muscles Worked: