Exercise Instructions:

  1. Kneel down slightly in front of two cable stations. The pulleys should be set to above shoulder height.
  2. Notice my double overhand-grip of the cables (see video). This allows me to start each rep with my palms facing forward (great for shoulder safety), and then rotate my hands in the bottom third of the rep for a better pec contraction.
  3. Our arms only need to come as high as our shoulders, there’s no need to let them rise any higher.
  4. Drive the cables down in an arc-like manner by squeezing your pecs.
  5. Cross the cables over at the bottom of the rep. This will take you slightly beyond the center line of your body, creating maximum ADDUCTION, which is precisely what we want here.
  6. In the bottom of each rep, start to squeeze your pecs like they owe you money.
  7. My usual tempo on this move is 3 seconds at the top, and 3 seconds at the bottom.

Muscles Worked: