Exercise Instructions:

  1. Set up a bench to a 45* incline.
  2. Don’t sit on the bench with a bend at the knee. This feels weird. Instead, lean into the bench, keeping your legs out straight behind you and feet on the ground (see how I do it in the video).
  3. Take an overhand-grip on the barbell, slightly outside of shoulder-width.
  4. Let the bar hang down in your arms below the bench, but keep your shoulders pinned back and ready for action (no slumping).
  5. Raise the bar in an arc-like line until you reach shoulder level, then lower it in a controlled manner.
  6. Avoid swinging it up. Swinging usually means too much weight is being used. You can also replace the bar with dumbbells and use a neutral-grip if it’s easier for your forearms.

Muscles Worked: