Exercise Instructions:

  1. I consider this the ULTIMATE version of a TRICEPS PUSHDOWN. If you’ve ever performed regular pushdowns standing close to the cable station, we know that it’s difficult in the top position but easier in the bottom position (arms extended. Likewise, if we step further away it’s easier in the top position and difficult in the bottom position. This exercise gives you the hard part of each, by standing close to start the rep and then stepping away during the bottom of the rep, you get all the benefits and cut all the “slack” from the exercise.
  2. Stand close to the weights stack and take a neutral-grip on a rope attachment.
  3. Get into a split-stance.
  4. As you squeeze your triceps to move the rope down, shift your body weight onto your back foot.
  5. When your arms are extended, you’ll be on your back foot and your triceps will be on f**king fire.
  6. Rock back onto your front foot to begin the next rep.

Muscles Worked: