Exercise Instructions:

  1. Little more than a “show” exercise in most gyms because it’s performed incorrectly, this can become a decent biceps exercise if we strip away the nonsense. The first thing to do is only take one handle at a time. Notice how my arm is fully extended at the start of every rep (see video)? Most gyms do not have cable stations wide enough to achieve this if we have both handles at the same time, meaning we wouldn’t be activating our biceps anywhere near as much.
  2. Stand at the opposite end of the cable station and grab on for support.
  3. The station should be set to shoulder height.
  4. Keeping your working arm out in line with your shoulder (resist the urge to step back to make it easier), curl the D-handle towards your shoulder by squeezing your biceps, and keep squeezing as you lower it back out.

Muscles Worked: