Exercise Instructions:

  1. Set an incline bench to a 45* angle, and lean into the bench with your legs out straight behind you.
  2. Keep your chest up and shoulders pinned back.
  3. An underhand-grip on an EZ-bar using the bars narrow-grip placement will give you maximum bang for your buck on this exercise.
  4. Let your arms hang down from the bench, you should be able to flex your triceps at the bottom position of every rep. As our arms are ahead of the line of our body, this places our biceps in a shortened state, meaning we won’t need an awful lot of weight here.
  5. Squeeze the bar hard and curl it up towards the top of the bench. Your elbows may want to creep forward slightly, this is normal.
  6. The real results here occur on the way back down. Keep squeezing your biceps like they owe you money, as you return to a fully extended position.

Muscles Worked:

Biceps, forearms.