Exercise Instructions:

  1. This exercise works best with an EZ-bar, but a straight bar can also be used if need be (harsher on forearms, though).
  2. Take the narrow-grip of your EZ-bar and lie flat on the bench with the bar above your chest. This is not the start position. Our chest and shoulders are acting as support muscles here, so we don’t have to use our triceps. If this is where we end every rep we are losing the opportunity to really squeeze the life out of triceps, and I do not like that. So follow the next step.
  3. Keeping your arms extended, let the bar drift back until it’s about eye level, not chest level. You will feel your triceps light up. This is our start and end position of each rep.
  4. Bend at the elbow to let the bar lower behind your forehead, over the edge of the bench.
  5. When you reach your lowest position, allow your elbows to move back overhead (see video demo). This will place your triceps on stretch.
  6. Bring your elbows back to where they were, and then push the bar back to the start position by squeezing your triceps hard.

Muscles Worked: