Exercise Instructions:

  1. Support your heels on a bench, or on an upturned heavy dumbbell.
  2. Hands can be placed over the bench like mine (see video), or turned out slightly if the regular grip position stresses your wrists.
  3. Have a training partner load a plate (or more if you can handle it) onto your thighs.
  4. Bend at the elbow to move your body down towards the ground, your elbows will pass behind you. Many people go way too low on this exercise, so try to stay above a 90* angle here, this will avoid putting your front deltoids in a mechanically weak position and keep the brunt of the workload on the triceps.
  5. Drive up from the bottom of the rep by pushing your hands into the bench and squeezing your triceps.

Muscles Worked:

Triceps, chest, shoulders.