Written by Russ Howe PTI, and most recently updated 4 days ago.

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The 5/25 Method is a unique Muscle Buster in that it flips an existing technique on its head to create a new way to shock your muscle cells into growth.

The technique I’m talking about is the Tempo Method, where we perform our normal set followed by a bunch of slower, more controlled reps. This time around, we will BEGIN with those slower reps (5 of them), followed by 25 nasty normal reps where the burn will be intense and the battle will be as much mental as physical.

How to perform the 5/25 Method:

  • Load your machine with a weight you’d usually use for 20-25 reps.
  • Perform 5 slow reps. I like to aim for a 5/5 tempo.
  • Go straight into 25 regular reps. Don’t lighten the weight unless you need to. Can you fight through to the end? Let’s find out.

In this video you can see me use this technique on a few different machines: