Cardio Bursts For Weeks 5-6 (Afterburner Program)

Written by Russ Howe PTI, and most recently updated 4 days ago.

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My Afterburner program uses a technique called intermittent cardio.

These are short cardio bursts which have been intertwined with your weight training session in order to maximize results.

During weeks five and six you’ll perform x7 minutes of HIIT using a 40/20 structure.

That means you’ll work very hard for 40 seconds and then recover for 20 seconds. Recovery time should be performed at a light pace, don’t stop entirely. If performing a bodyweight exercise I recommend walkng on the spot during recovery time. You can choose your preferred machine or bodyweight exercise (even switch them up on each burst if you want to), or pick from my suggestions below.

Russ’ Suggestions
Stationary bikeRowing machineJumping Jacks
Skipping ropeMountain climbersBall slams
Half burpeesStepping star burpees