Written by Russ Howe PTI, and most recently updated 4 days ago.

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Remember Sonic The Hedgehog? Three lives and you’re dead, right? Same here.

Set the weight to something you’d expect to hit 20 reps with. Your goal is to get to 50 reps in total, and you have “3 lives” to do it.

Here’s the simple three-step combo:

  • Use a weight you’d usually pick for 20 good reps, and get as many as you can. This is your first life.
  • You lose your first life when you reach failure and drop the weights. You have 10 SECONDS to regroup and go back in (keep the weight the same). You’re on your second life.
  • When you reach failure again, take another 10 SECONDS and go back in for your third life. Now you’re either gonna reach the 50 rep target, or reach total failure. If you don’t complete it, record your high score and beat it in the future.