Online Training Systems Now Available!

BIG NEW WEBSITE UPDATE: You can now access my downloadable workout plans!

This is the first time I’ve ever made my training systems available online, and it’s my way of saying “Thank You” to everybody who has supported my blog by continually reading my work and following my social media channels.

Check out this email from Rose:

“Hey Russ, I’ve been reading your tips for a long time and have got some great results with them! Is there a way I can follow your full workout plans?

Lots of your tips have helped so much, and I was hoping you had something which combined them all into one routine so I could literally just follow it and exclude all the stuff that doesn’t work!

I don’t live near your gym, wish I did, but am willing to work my a** off if I have the tools to do the job.”

– Rose, USA.

First off, I’m honoured.

Given that the site has a worldwide audience, and I’m based in the little UK, this is easily the most popular question I receive. It means a lot to have built up this level of trust as a personal trainer.

It’s a feature I’ve been working on for a little while, and now the answer is yes!

For the first time ever, all of my most popular training systems (the stuff I use with my male and female clients in the gym every week) are available for download, and more will be added each month.

Check out the full library here, or view a quick selection of my personal favourites below.

Each training system has its own specific goal, so take a moment and match yourself to the one which suits your own ambitions, then get to work in the gym!

When you use any of my programs you automatically have access to all the workouts included in that plan (with videos and explanations), an easy-to-follow nutrition plan which works just like the many tips I’ve provided you with in my posts, and a supplement guide to cut out the BS and get straight to the stuff that works.

But you also have the extra satisfaction of being able to reach me directly for any additional tips or support you need, too.

UPDATE: Along with the training system e-books, you can now download my brand new workout app!

The app features ALL of my full training systems, diet plans, and stacks of standalone workouts you can use, too.

Serious about building your best body? Get the app here.

Thanks for reading my website, enjoy the programs!

Yours in training,

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