This is a remote training program. You can now get trained by Russ from anywhere in the world! See full product description below.




Online Personal Training with Russ via his app!

Ever wanted to work directly with Russ as your PT? Now you can! All of your training and your nutrition targets are fully handled by Russ via the premium training app.

You will also receive a weekly check-in video every Friday, in which Russ assesses your progress directly and gives instructions for the upcoming week of training to ensure you are always heading in the right direction.

But be ready to commit to changing your body – Russ only works with dedicated individuals who are serious about getting great results!

Here are the details:


Russ Howe PTI online personal training

personal trainer South Shields

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Does this plan work for men and women?

Yes. Anyone can train with Russ.


Do I have to start immediately?

No. You can book your plan then begin when the time is right for you. Of course, the plan begins when you sign up so it makes sense to start at the beginning of it.


How many sessions can I do per week?

Up to 5 workouts per week will be scheduled, depending on relevance towards your fitness goal.


What if I don’t use my sessions?

Russ only works with serious individuals – don’t book if you’re not going to use your sessions, because you’d be wasting your money. This plan unlocks a monthly plan of online training with Russ, and we advise you make the most of each training block. This is a super effective way for Russ to weed out those who are not serious about getting results.


How do I re-book when I want to renew my plan?

Easy; the app automatically does it for you.


Do I need to go to Russ’ gym?

No. This is a remote program, meaning you can do it from anywhere in the world.


How do I access the workouts and nutrition targets?

You get access to Russ’ #1 rated PT App. All your workouts and nutrition are structured by Russ and placed into your app, ready for you to go.


Can I speak to Russ before I book?

Of course, get in touch via the Facebook page.


How do I sign up?

Click here.