A 4 week block of personal training sessions with Russ – see full product description below.


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A 4 week block of Personal Training with Russ!

This booking gives you one calendar month of Personal Training with Russ. You can train up to 3 times a week with Russ in the gym, your nutrition targets are handled by Russ and you even get free access to the premium app.

But be ready to commit to changing your body – Russ only works with dedicated individuals who are serious about getting results!

Once the 4 weeks has expired, the package ends. So make full use of your 4 week block.

Here are the details:

  • Unlocks a full 4 week block (one calendar month) of PT with Russ
  • Book up to 3 Personal Training sessions per week
  • 45 minute sessions
  • Your nutrition targets handled by Russ
  • Free access to Russ #1 rated premium PT App (stacks of extra workouts)
  • Free membership to Powerhouse Gym included in program (use gym as much as you wish)

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Does this plan work for men and women?

Yes. Anyone can train with Russ.


Do I have to start immediately?

No. You can book your plan then begin when the time is right for you.


How many sessions can I book per week?

You can book three sessions per week. You’ll also have free gym membership, and full free access to the workout app, so you can even get stuck into some extra work if you’d like.


What if I don’t use my sessions?

Russ only works with serious individuals – don’t book if you’re not going to use your sessions, because you’d be wasting your money. This plan unlocks 4 weeks of training with Russ, and we advise you make the most of that time before it runs out. This is a super effective way for Russ to weed out those who are not serious about getting results.


How do I re-book when I want to renew my plan?

Easy; this page. Or you can switch to one of the other blocks if you’d prefer a longer timescale (see shop).


Is gym membership really included for free?

Yes. As this plan runs on a 4 week block, Russ includes gym membership in the cost of the plan. This gym membership gives you unlimited use of the awesome Powerhouse Gym in South Shields.


Do I really get the premium app for free, too?

Yes. If you’re training with Russ but decide to hit the gym even more, your free gym membership will let you do that (train as much as you want), and you’ll never be stuck for ideas because you’ll have a free download of Russ’ #1 rated premium PT App which is stacked with workouts.


Can I speak to Russ before I book?

Of course, get in touch via the Facebook page.


How do I sign up?

Click here.