10 Week Online Transformation Plan


Sooner or later, we all reach a point where we think:

“That’s it! I’m gonna do it!

This will be the year I get into the best shape of my life. I want to look back on photos from this time and say “Wow, I looked great!”…. and nothing is going to stop me from doing it!”

The problem?

It’s not the want factor. Because, oh boy, do we want it…

It’s not determination. Because we’re prepared to work as hard as we need to.

It’s information overload.

Everyone is pulling you left and right, and then left again, and before you know it a f**king year has passed!

Wouldn’t it be much easier if had a proven road map to your end goal…? Of course!

With my brand new 10 week customized training programs, the guess work has been removed, and the research has been done for you. You can join the thousands of men and women around the world who have taken the doubt out of their training regimen and erased that stress from their lives, simply following the step-by-step instructions I provide for them in order to move closer to that all-important physique goal.

10 weeks to change everything.

Are you ready?



Sooner or later, we all reach a point where we think:

“That’s it! I’m gonna do it!

I’m gonna put myself first (for a change), and I’m gonna get into the best shape of my life!

I want to look back at photos from now and be proud as hell, thinking to myself, ‘Wow, I looked great!” – bring it on!”


So what’s the problem?


It’s not the want factor. Because, oh boy, do we want it…


It’s not determination. We know money doesn’t grow on trees and results don’t happen by themselves, and we’re prepared to work as hard as we have to…


The problem is information overload.


Everyone is pulling you left, then right, then left again, and before you know it a f**king year has passed!


If only someone could handle your entire fitness routine for you, and you just had to show up and do it – that would be so much easier!


One less stress to worry about… no more doubt… no more panic about not reaching the goals you wanted to reach…


That would kick a**, right?



Russ Howe personal trainer

Before I started my fitness career, I was in the worst possible situation.


I’d been training for years, and it didn’t look like I even went to the gym.


I’d quite literally made every mistake in the book up until this point; celebrity workout routines, fad diets, new fangled exercises, the cash vortex that is the supplement industry…


You name it, I’ve probably screwed it up.


This was way back before I started my career in the fitness world, and despite the fact that I spent many years blaming myself for not not owning the body I wanted so badly, I came to realize something…


I was capable.


I was good enough.


I was just misguided.


I’d spent far too long looking for information in the wrong places, and far too long playing a guessing game with my training, nutrition and supplementation because I didn’t have enough time to separate the great information from the poor information.


In an introduction section such as this, I figure most people would like to talk about all of the awesome things they’ve done that makes them wonderful, and yes, I have been very fortunate to FINALLY get the results I wanted, and to help tens of thousands of other men and women do the same in the gym and via my online work, and of course to be featured in all of wonderful publications shown below.


But those things are not what made me.


It’s the early years that did that. The confusion. The panic. The stress of never feeling like I was getting anywhere even though I worked hard.


Those are the years I credit as the reason I stand here today, introducing myself to you.



“I’ve followed several of Russ’ training plans, and I’ve never been happier with my body!


I’ve always been happy to put in the hard work, but would get confused by all the contradicting information out there surrounding the best nutritional approach for my goal.


Russ has taught me how to eat my favourite foods, train harder than ever before, and still be able to enjoy my life without worrying about the gym all day long.


I couldn’t ask for more than that!”


– Helen, UK


“I was previously a cardio bunny, I’d spend all my time on the treadmill.


I wanted to get more shape and definition, but I didn’t really know where to begin with weight training – and I certainly didn’t want to waste my time on things that didn’t work.


The various training techniques I’ve picked up training with Russ’ online material has formed a framework I’ll use forever. Nasty training, great results, I just arrive at the gym and go for it.”


– Tammy, Australia



Is it any wonder very few people build the type of body their determination deserves, when there is so much poor information out there in the gym world?


As a personal trainer, I know this all too well.


The sad part is that all of these myths can be thoroughly debunked using the wealh of scientific data which has been collected in the various sports science journals over the last fifty years…


But nobody has that kind of time!


Allow me to show you right now…


There are many myths to choose from, but let’s go for one which I’m sure will rattle a few cages – the myth that we need to cut out carbohydrates in order to lose body fat.


If you’ve ever had a friend try keto, or Atkins, or low carb, I’m sure you’ve heard that the only thing more evil than rock n’ roll is carbohydrates.


Well, today I’ll quickly show you why it’s all bulls**t.


This was conclusively shown in a study performed by researchers from Rockerfeller University, New York, who compared the effects of using different macronutrient ratios (protein, carbs, and fat) while keeping total calories the same, in order to see if anything promoted greater weight loss results…


Regardless of whether trainees followed a low carb, moderate carb, or high carb diet, weight loss results were the same across the entire board. See below.


More recently, the results of this study have been re-confirmed with the findings of researchers from Arizona State University, who compared the results of a ketogenic diet (very low carbs, very high fats) to a moderate carb diet.


Once again, increase carbohydrates had no effect on weight loss results.


Finally, a third study looked at the effects of a low G.I. carb diet versus a high G.I. carb diet, versus a low carb diet…


You guessed it, as long as total calories and total protein were controlled, there was no difference in weight loss across any of the groups of trainees in any of the studies.


So there we have it, one of the oldest beliefs in the fitness community, shut down in under five minutes!


The next time a workmate tells you a slice of bread at lunch will ruin your results in the gym, feel free to slap them with the butter side up.


But how do we do this for everything?


How do we ensure that we are performing training that’s 100% effective for the kind of body we’re trying to build? And eating the best foods in the correct amounts?


How do we ensure we’re using the right supplements and not wasting money on stuff that doesn’t do anything important?


Must we somehow find more hours every day to research every nook and cranny of the fitness world, looking for the best protocols to apply for maximum results?


No, of course you don’t. You’re busy enough as it is, so that would be crazy.


I do.






Like I said in the first lines of the page…


There comes a time when everybody decides today is the day. It’s now or never.


We’re either gonna put something in place that will actually helps us build this body we’ve been dreaming of, or we’re gonna just keep dreaming.


That “thing” is a plan.


A proven, progressive, custom-built plan which takes all of the thought out of the process for you – allowing you to simply focus on hitting the gym and ticking off the workouts as you go.


It’s the equivalent to having a sattelite navigation kit in your car.


Specifically, here’s how it is going to work:



✅ 10 WEEKS OF READY-MADE WORKOUTS. This means no more hitting the gym without a plan, or hoping for the best. Every single one of your future sessions will be planned and structured to help you make your transformation happen. No more doubt!



✅ You’ll also be able to use 10 whole weeks of NUTRITIONAL TARGETS. Imagine knowing exactly how much to eat for the results you want to see, how to structure days off, and how to get back on track if you occasionally slip up… without ever needing to even think about it?!



✅ Your nutrition targets change as you move through your plan, and you unlock a SAMPLE MEAL PLAN to demonstrate how to hit these fresh targets in the easiest way, and learn how to shuffle the system to include your own personal favourites whenever you can. No more stress about how to eat right!



✅ THREE PHASES OF NEW RESULTS. In phase one of the plan, we will begin the process of cleaning up your diet and training, to set the stage for great results.



✅ In phase two of the plan, you’ll go through my PEAK PHASE WORKOUTS. As you enter this phase I want you training harder, looking leaner and meaner, and starting to believe in yourself as you see your body take the shape you’ve always wanted!



✅ In phase three of the plan, you enter my FINISH STRONG PHASE. It does exactly what it sounds like it’s going to do. We take the previous work, and drive this motherf**ker over the finish line HARD!



✅ FULL SUPPORT. Ever felt like you’re just winging it? No more. Just imagine what you could accomplish with a monstrous 10 whole weeks having me in your corner.



“I had lost about 8 stone, but results had plateaued. Even though I was working with a local personal trainer a few times a week, it seemed like my motivation to train hard had disappeared, and my weight was all starting to creep back on.


A member of staff at my gym recommended I check Russ’ work out, and I’ve honestly not looked back since day one!


I remember crawling out of the gym, thinking to myself, “WTF just happened?!” – I’d felt my muscles work like never before, and I just knew I was on to something good.


No sessions are ever the same, which keeps me motivated all day because every workout is like a war in itself.


So motivated, in fact, that I’ve dropped another 4 stone!!!


My body shape has really changed, and my blood pressure is down so I no longer require medication for it. The best change though, for me, is in my confidence levels.


I no longer feel anxious about whether I’m doing the right stuff in the gym because it’s all there for me, and Russ has the belief that I am capable of achieving much more than I thought possible. This has pushed me way beyond my old limitations.


Grab the opportunity with both hands, you’ll feel great.”


– Alethea, UK


“My job used to always get in the way of my gym goals.


The worst part was not missing the gym. It was the stress; I’d beat myself up constantly about having to miss a workout, and it took over my life.


I knew I wasn’t eating properly, and when I did get to the gym I wasn’t making the best use of my time there because I just felt kinda defeated.


Russ showed me how to stay on track, even with a busy lifestyle, and lose sacrifice the results I want to have. He taught me how to do the things that get results, and not stress about the things that don’t really matter very much in the long-run.


It was a total game changer.


I know EXACTLY what to do with my gym time. I know how to accommodate for things when life gets crazy, and I know how to manage it without feeling stressed like crazy ever time I see a mirror.”


– Phoebe, UK




I’m the least “woo woo” person I know.


But what I can tell you, is this:


If you made it this far down the page, it’s a sign.


It’s a sign that you’ve arrived at the stage where you’ve decided “This is it. I want to build a great body.”


You see the better life that would come from owning your ideal physique.


You know the happiness it would bring you, and the confidence you’d feel every time you walked past a mirror and caught a glance at your shape, or have a night out with friends.


And you can relate to the relief you’d feel heading to the gym without any doubt in your mind about which exercises you’re doing, how many of them, and why.


And, finally, you saw above how other people have achieved fantastic results.


Because anybody can build a great body. Anybody at all.


Even if they aren’t fitness experts.


Even if they’ve never done it previously.


And even if all their friends and family have convinced them they won’t succeed.


You know all this stuff, and you can see it clearly above.


The question is: what are you going to do about it?


You could put it off for “some day.”


Or you can take 2019 by the horns, go all in on your goals, and see what you can really do.


And with my rock-solid guarantee, it’s truly risk free.


Remember, you get to try your customized 10 week program for 40 days for yourself. And we believe that this training is so amazing, so powerful, and so life-changing, we’re willing to GUARANTEE you results. With this guarantee, there are no downsides. We are so PASSIONATE about this program, and so CONFIDENT that it delivers MASSIVE VALUE, that we GUARANTEE your life will be impacted in a positive way by it.


Test the methods, apply the knowledge and the workouts, and watch how your body changes. I think you’ll be damn proud when you complete it, and you’ll deservedly want to show your results off (be sure to e-mail me your transformation, too, because I often send out free t-shirts to people who make transformations using my work!). But if for any reason you’re not happy, simply e-mail me and you’ll get a full refund. It’s that simple.. All you need to do is commit to doing the work of the program, which I know you will, because that’s why you’re here.


Earlier, I told you about how Helen and Phoebe had all but given up on building their best bodies until they applied the methods taught in their plans.


They’d arrived at a point in life where they’d given up hope of owning a body which excited them at the prospect of going to events and get-togethers so they could show their results off and feel great, because nothing had previously worked for either of them.


But luckily they didn’t.


They jumped at the chance of taking their training to the next level, then each of them built the body they’d been striving for all those previous years, and never looked back.


With both ladies, confidence and happiness skyrocketed as a result, and the overall mental change was just as impressive as the physical results…


… and I hope my last few words on this page will be the gentle nudge you need to do what you already know you need to do.



Copyright 2019. Russ Howe PTI.