Russ’ Recommended Supplements

The world of supplements can be a confusing place.

After all, every product claims to be “the missing link” to incredible fat loss or muscle gain, so it’s no wonder so many people end up wasting a ton of hard-earned cash on supplements which fail to deliver.

I put together this easy-to-navigate section of my website to walk you through the exact supplements my male and female clients use.

They’re also the same supplements I use myself.

As you will see, I keep things pretty simple!

Everything included on my lists below is proven to work. That means no experimental ingredients, nothing banned or dangerous, and no gimmicky nonsense.

Just the stuff that athletes should be using!

You can actually order each product directly through the links on each page, too.

First, select your chosen category…

“All In!” The Best Fat Loss Supplement Stack

“All In!” The Best Muscle Building Supplement Stack

The Best Whey Protein Supplements

The Best Pre Workout Supplements