The Best Fat Loss Supplement Stack

On this page you will see the exact combination of supplements my male and female clients use when training for fat loss goals.

If you’re smashing a high intensity workout plan in the gym, getting the right supplements can make the difference between great results and exceptional results!

A quick glance below and you’ll notice something strange; there’s no “fat burner”!

That’s right, I despise fat burners.

These things are glorified pre workout supplements which rely too heavily on caffeine, with all other ingredient having a very minimal effect on your training output.

So I’ll save you some money here, cut the fat burners, and if you want a good dose of caffeine to kick you up the a**, simply get a good pre workout.

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Ready to start?

what is the best whey protein for fat loss

Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein

You don’t get to be the world’s most popular whey protein supplement without being great at what you do.

Heck, there’s so much competition just getting recognized can be difficult. So the fact that Optimum Nutrition have dominated the marketplace for nearly two decades is testament just how good their product really is.

I consider it the ultimate whey protein hybrid; perfect for either fat loss programs, or muscle building programs.

That’s because it focuses heavily on it’s primary job (to give you more protein) and cuts out all the clutter you don’t need (carbohydrates, fats, experimental ingredients).

Here’s the details per serving:

  • 23.7g protein
  • 1.6g carbohydrates
  • 1.3g sugar


Adapt Nutrition Pre Train v2

Adapt Nutrition Pre Train V2

This is a solid pre workout from UK-based manufacturers Adapt Nutrition.

Interestingly, as explained in my review here, the product is actually better suited to fat loss training than it is to muscle building programs.

It works very well if your focus is on high intensity interval training workouts.

Key ingredients per serving:

  • 2g beta-alanine
  • 50mg l-theanine
  • 350mg caffeine


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Myprotein Caffeine

Here’s something which is often overlooked.

Caffeine does have some fat burning benefits, but they’re slight and nowhere near the big, bold claims supplement companies like to make about it.

The real reason my clients pick up some caffeine is because it’s useful to have on standby for days when you need a kick up the behind. We all get them.

It’s so cheap, and seemingly lasts forever, it just makes sense to have it there.


best supplements to lose weight

Daily Essentials

Here’s three little items everybody should use regardless of training goal.

They’re so easy to miss in our diet (when’s the last time you ate turnip?) and so easy to correct. Plus, the one in the middle plays a very important role if you live in the UK, where the sun is rarer than an Adam Sandler Oscar win.

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