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25 July 2023

I’m pleased to announce the brand new Russ Howe PTI app is now available for download! All the training plans, all the diet plans, in one place…

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I’m pleased to say my brand new app is now available!

This is something I’ve been working on for quite some time, and I’m going to give a quick run-through of the many features in today’s article.

I’m contacted every single day by readers of the website to ask “Is it possible to follow your workout programs if we don’t live near your gym?”

And until recently, I’d do this via the e-book programs, which were available in the website shop.

However, now there’s a far superior way…

Russ Howe PTI

What Is Included In The Russ Howe PTI App?

It’s basically me in your pocket every time you go to the gym.

You can follow any of my nutrition templates to get in great shape, pop up any of my full workout plans and follow along, and even contact me via the in-app messenger if you ever get stuck.

The award-winning software used to create the app (I hired the best of the best) lets you track several factors of your training regimen to see your improvements; sets, reps, exercises, weights used, calories burned, FItBit integration, progress photos, body weight, body fat percentage, muscle measurements, and an entire nutrition tracker for your diet, complete with barcode scanner.

How Many Workouts Are In The App?

At time of writing, there are 268 workouts and six full training programs inside the app.

The library grows every week.

The idea is to give constant variety, ensuring your training never gets stale.

russ howe pti app
The most popular plans in the app last month.

Is The App For Men, Women, Or Both?

Of course both.

Over the years, I’ve made a big thing of the fact that women should train in a similar way to men. There’s no need to stay on the treadmill or lift pink fluffy dumbbells, because all that bulls**t in the 1980’s about “bulking up” was precisely that; bulls**t!

The app provides the exact same type of training my top male and female clients use in the gym with me. It does not care about your gender, it only cares how hard you work.

Can It Help Me Lose Weight?


Alongside the training plans themselves, take a look at the nutrition section after logging in.

Here, you will be able to do two useful things;

  1. Track your nutrition and save it
  2. Use my ready made templates

That second option is the big one…

If you’re NOT the type of person who already knows what they’re doing and is happy to jump in on their own, these ready made templates give you a starting point to build from.

No more feeling lost, or feeling like you’re doing something wrong.

They are all designed by me personally, and they’re the same nutrition templates I use in the gym with clients.

As well as getting your sample eating plan for the day, it’ll teach you how the numbers were created (i.e. Why that many calories? Why that much protein? How to change them if your target weight is different in future?, etc).

And, just like the workouts, there are new nutrition templates added on a regular basis covering different styles of diet (high carbs, low carbs, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, etc). This allow you the luxury of being able to play with different strategies and seeing what you prefer.

Are There Clear Instructions?

I can give you one better than that…

You’ll find instructions on exercise technique, training principles (dropsets, etc), and how to perform the reps you’ve been set, as well as a video of me performing the exercise for you!

The ‘Files’ section also has a bunch of the most popular training plans in e-book format, so you can download and keep them on your laptop or phone.


How Much Is The App?

The membership options are simple; go with either £54 per year, or £6 per month, whichever suits you best.

Get in touch with any questions you may have.

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