Beauty & The Beast (Legs)

Welcome to the devil’s playground.

beauty and the beast workout

russ howe pti

“The methods in this workout will take your lower body to hell and back.

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(3 rounds)
(2 mins rest)
* To perform the Iron Mile method: this is a monstrous 100 rep dropset. I want you to start heavy, and slightly reduce the weight every 20 reps, until you reach x100 in total. Then you get to rest for two minutes and do it all over again (there’s three of ’em!).

(4 rounds)
(2 mins rest)
* High rep squats will be no joke after that first exercise, so as a guide guys aim for 60kg (or more if you can), and ladies aim for 30kg (or more if you can).

3) LEG PRESS x50
(3 rounds)
(90 sec rest)
* Lift your body weight (so if you weigh 80kg, you lift 80kg). I want you to perform x25 standard reps then move your feet high and hit x25 reps like this.

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Workout Complete!

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